Keeping a positive mind

Once I was in Dubai

Will the real sliced almond please stand up?!!!

Don't ask why

Be my guest (once, I was a Diva, a culinary Diva)

That soft gentle touch.

I still can't believe this

welcome back

Gimme some love

shut up !

Perasan = thats stuck up, pretentious in Malay.

Who are you?

Pleasing myself

This put a smile on my face

What is wrong with you?


That is not nice .. and you know THAT.

Memories from my journey (Why did you treat me like that?)

Transformer (Dont ask why)

I will fly to you

I need you

I miss you Janaki....

What an orgasmic feeling

wake up and smell the roses

You are full of bullshit!

I cant't let it go

My originals written early 2007 from my myspace before I found blogspot .Whats going on in my personal life > Symphony of Bitter ,Sour and sweet.