Sunday, 30 December 2007

Keeping a positive mind

Not only I brought home some souvenirs and sweet memories home from Dubai , I also brought along a terrible food poisoning.After having a meal at a buffet place in Satwa - 'all you can eat for 38 dirham ' restaurant that I personally had suggested to dine in . I was puking my stomach off the entire night after the meal.. not really a great way to end a nice holiday.I forgot the rules of no raw vegetable eating that every travellers should hang on to, I just got myself lost in a buffet of barbecue kebabs, exotic Arabian soups and biryanis and of course, salads. Like a child lost in a candy shop.

At Dubai airport I had a peppermint tea and still with my vomiting but I could manage to do a bit of shopping in between at those huge Duty free shops .

Now after 2 days of arriving ,I had been doing nothing but going to the bathroom ,lying down resting and consuming fluids. I am still recovering from a traumatising experience ,it was a great holiday with a not -so-happy ending.


Zen Chef said...

I had one or two food poisoning in my life and i recall it wasn't a good experience at all!
Feel better and take care of yourself! :-)

Happy New Year to you!

AzAzura said...

Thank you Zen Chef.
And you have a great new year too! xo

Katy said...

oh no! i got sick my last day in china; not terrible, but it was such a bummer. i'm jealous -- i want to go to dubai!!!

AzAzura said...

Thanks for popping by! I am feeling much better now thankfully.

Johnny Ong said...

dubai is a nice place but when i travel i'm careful with my food intake.

i shld be goin to dubai soon for work assignment.

AzAzura said...

Johnny Ong,
Welcome to my blog and have a good time in Dubai!Thanks x