Once I was in Dubai

Dining at Burj Al Arab's Al Muntaha restaurant

Overlooking Deira

At the Desert before the Dune Safari trip

Note:photos were taken by my boyfriend,Roger
using Sony and Olympus


Shantanu said…
Cool! So you actually did a Desert Safari in Dubai? I wanted to do one too, but never got around to it.
Anonymous said…
It looks so cool! Lucky you!
I never been to dubai as it is quite far from here but it's a place i would love to visit someday. Great pictures!

btw: thank you so much for the almond cake recipe! I will try it soon! ;-)
AzAzura said…
Thanks for your comment!Yes it was very nice indeed , like a rollercoaster ride.

Zen chef,
My pleasure to pass on the recipe.
Thanks for the compliment.I am sure you will get there someday it is a nice place.