Don't ask why

I dont really understand what is going on with me lately, is it the aspirin , my daily dose of 200mg of Hydroxychloroquine sulphate or the bread .. what am I allergic to?!!
At night I'm itching non stop , itch that occur in the nighttime and came from my deep skin .It frustrates me .
At this moment I am staying away from gluten which is a shame because I love wholemeal bread .. No ,actually I love breads ! any sort of breads I am the kind of person who can go hysterical running around in a bakery buying almost everything.Gluten free bread? no I don't think so.. I am a gluten and starchy kinda girl, loving my breads and its spreads.

Not only that I am keeping my mouth off wheat products , I stopped cheese too, because of the incident last week when I scratched myself to bleed because of my rendezvous with tomato and cheddar sandwich. I can't wait to go back to my UK specialist and get her to read my blood again.Is it Lupus ? is it the medication? Is it the food that I consumed ..The answer still upsets me because, I just don't know!!

Lists of things that I am not eating and drinking /might make me scratch/might make me ill.

Belacan- fermented shrimp paste an ingredient used in some Malay food
Carbonated drinks
Shrimp - though lobsters seems to be alright for me
Red meat
Soy milk -it hurt my knees
Coffee- thinning my bone
Deep fried food

Those are what I can think of at this moment , I deserve to sulk and be sad about it, I deserve to bury my face on my pillow and scream and cry .. but I am not going to do that.

At this moment I am enjoying a traditional Malay breakfast of Nasi lemak (coconut rice)sans the Rendang (a delicious Malay curry) and the anchovies and cucumber
and boiled egg. Because my Mother hailed from the north , she cooked delicious family"s recipe of Nasi lemak with herbs, I remember those days when I had a Restaurant and everybody complimented my Restaurant's Nasi lemak and how proud I was everytime I scooped it onto my bright, beautiful ,hand painted plates.

To follow my diet requirement, my mum made me some steamed broccoli with carrots to eat with my Nasi lemak .Nevermind ..., not being able to eat my favourite food is fine.. at least I am not itching or sick at this moment ,I think I can handle it not eating the food that I used to eat ,Do I sound like someone who tries to hide her sadness?
Yes I am...


Shantanu said…
Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments. Looks like you love food and restaurants too. I am still going over your posts. :-)

I had no knowledge of SLE until now. I wish you the strength to see this through.
AzAzura said…
Hi Mr Shantanu,It a pleasure... I really enjoyed my read at your blog .you are such a welltravelled person! :o)
Yes I will, Thank you
bluedreamer27 said…
ooh how pity you are
although it would be better to follow those dietary requirements
for your own good
God bless
Anonymous said…
Hello Azazura!
I truly believe you are going to beat this thing, you've got a winner's spirit! Remember, mind controls everything, your job is to believe you are fine and you'll be fine!

The itching sounds like a gluten allergy, it happened to a relative of mine. Sometimes human beings develop allergies at any ages. My boss one day realized he couldn't eat shellfish anymore! Shit happens you know! :-)

I wish you all the best!
AzAzura said…
bluedreamer, Thank you , I went through your blog and I like it.

Zenchef, Thank you for your motivational words.
Xx Azura
Emmyrose said…
I also can't eat several food you mentioned because I'll get red spots and itchy all over too. I guess, it's part of having Lupus. I hope you'll have more good days this holiday season :)

Btw, don't be dismayed by few Filipina snobs you encountered in HK believe me not all Filipinas are like them, I'm not. God bless!
AzAzura said…
Emmyrose, Thank You for your feedback which I find helpful.

oh yes! I ve been to Manila and met some really nice people there ,You are one of them.

So nice of you to share. :o)