What is wrong with you?

Let me just claim my stand upon political subjects..I couldn"t be bothered and wont let my stand and priciples be shared or publicised even among friends.This is not about politics or racism.Im just writing according to my feeling and how I see things .I am not interested in being the hero or miss popular therefore there is no need for me to show off my intellectuality,courage or public relation persona"

I just dont like it when I saw this video . While browsing on youtube to check out AlJazeera"s report on yesterday's Hindraf demonstration or rally or whatever they called it, I stumbled upon this video and clicked on it .I was surprised to see the action of throwing stone toward the temple, and I also think the manner of doing it ,especially (if its true what the MP said) It was 2 weeks away from The Hindu"s celebration of Deepavali , Why cant the local council wait at least until the celebration is over?
I certainly expect more from the local council,especially at tackling sensitive issues like religions. The manner of it is so wrong and they have got pictures as evidence.If those photos were not graphically altered ones.. I would say that those enforcement officers were very rude and silly.
It is not only sensitive to the Hindus, but disturbing for us of a different religion and race to watch. I am sure I wont be sleeping tonight.Can we please RESPECT each other ?