Have you ever meet a person that is so annoying that you wish He or she will move away to The Galapagos before you decide to do so?

Apart from people who cut on queues at the Supermarket"s check out counter and those who speaks on their mobile phones while the movie is on in the cinema ,I find people who thinks that they are "everything" annoying.I would like to share among the most annoying people Ive ever met in my life.

Should I call it hatered?like I hate you!. I observe hate as a strong and harsh word to be applied to an individual , a human , a person. But this is an exception.

I used hate so many times ,"I hate long skirts,I hate dusty road,I hate strawberry mousse cake but seldom on human except for certain terrible circumstances.

I never talk about it ,at times I forgot that this person who hurt my feelings with his snobbish attitude ,as this person was NEVER important to my life , and whatever that person did , it does not really played an impact into my life as much as it hurts my mother , She carried me in her wombs and her blood is mine , It is not wrong for her to hurt even more whenever Im hurt , hence, telling to write about this particular person whom I hate and had removed from my life .
Since I was a little girl in the kindergarten, my mum would protect me from getting hurt physically or emotionally.I have a fragile heart and people often breaks them , She was always there to wipe my tears and later being mad at herself for not protecting me enough.Well,I dont blame her,I do feel like that when people hurt the feelings of my loved ones.Thats why we are human.

Human don't make hearts and feelings ,Therefore, we have no rights to break it

I did not and never did anything wrong to this person, but He had an impression as if I had a crush on him, I am sure he is reading this as he has got nothing better to do except for flashing his machine and telling everyone the title that he has got on his forename.You know who you are, Just so you know, I NEVER had a crush on you neither that I care about whatever you posess , at the time when you had the impression that I was playing an eye contact with you, I was listening to your bullshit on how great you are and your stupid principles and philosophies.To be honest ,at that moment, I was thinking about my mum"s business trip to Jakarta and could not take Jakarta off my mind.

I am not like girls you met before me , doesn"t matter if they are "wannabe part-time" models or first time soap actresess (the type of women you said you like ) I am the women who still eats at nice places , wear nice clothes with or without men in my life .At this moment, touch wood I neither need to sell my body parading in public to be glamorous nor I need to fake pregnancy to get any men"s attention and money. Im always a glamourous diva who runs her life fuss- free- no drama way.
Nevertheless, I had bumped into this person few times, but with the presence of my loud " friends He did not dare to come and say hi to me .

I remember when you rung me and start to raised your voice for a reason that even you can"t really confirm and I yelled back at you and suddenly you hung up .. Why?
No women ever yelled at you before ? Now, I want you to remember that Im the first one,try humility when talking to people next time, we call it MANNERS Its not worth having this kind of friend anyway. Be careful with this kind of men , they love to twist and turn it as if we women were the one who wants them.

I am happy that my beloved boyfriend .Just like me, chose to live our lives conflict free , I had enough soap operas to watch on TV ,I dont need to apply them into my life.

Last but not least ,many years had passed... Im doing great and the only reason that Im doing this is for my mum ,I had never met a person as rude, proud and snobbish as this person .

Anger is not good.. and you need to see a shrink dude"

This one is for you mum!