It takes all sort of people to make a world.In my world I am glad that I have more good than bad friends .
What makes a good friend?..hmmm
Oh yes.. I do have not-so-good friends too, the one that stabbed , punched and kicked me when I wasnt looking .
To everyone whom I call friends, I will never forget your kindness , laughs and jokes .As I said in my previous blog ,I want to keep you guys with me all the time but Its not going to happen , we cant be together all the time , good times dont last forever and thats the fact that I still cant accept because whenever you guys are far away from me, I think about you and your face.

When I was paralysed and terribly Ill, I weighed 44kg and I was emaciated.I was almost bald and An experienced rhumatologist even said ...
"If you wait for another week to come and see me.. I dont think you would be able to make it"
I once prayed that god would take me out of those pain once and for all .At the time I could see who are my friends and that is people who gave me hope , who smiled, who asked me how Im doing and people who prayed for me, Thank You .

Me and my beau
Roger is my boyfriend ,He is also my best friend and He was there for me when Im ill , when Im down , when Im wrong and when Im right, We had laughs and even cried together.I love this men for among all ,his intelligence, experience and credibility.
I can"t tell all the details ,I respect the privacy of his and of our own little world.
He could have walked away , but Im his comrades, and in this battle named LIFE he saved me and gave me so much motivation to fight and carry on fighting until the
end .

How about friends from the past... hmm Ive been thinking about them more lately ,

I am here, sitting quietly , and I will be there whenever you need me

Dr Sangeethambikai Maniam , we have known each other since I was 7 and I really am glad to have known such intelligent, beautiful and ever so polite person,She was always the nice and sweet one in the class , we always go to the loo together. Im sorry I didnt get to wish you Happy Deepavali personally as I know that you are very busy working in the Hospital.Thanks Angel,When I was in pain 2 years ago and back in KL ,you gave me motivation and medicinal advice.

Im here to help you sort out your head and after you are Ok , Ill be off far far away
I would say it would be a guy called Saufian he is famous(I dont think he will be too happy when he reads this being the modest ,simple guy he is) He"s definitely in my cool" people book , I still look up at this person I met when I was a temp at a radio station , he might not realised this but sometimes when I told him about my problems and dilemmas at the time He always said "Its all easy " and until today .. I often said to myself "Its all easy".. like a mantra whenever I face new challenges .oh yea he got me a television hosting jobs too,you are a very humble person and I respect you .

We talk about everything and we are so Siamese twins we are

Susie, who is also a good friend of mine, I adore her for being the intellectual , independent and fun person she is.My good friend, who literally take care of me when I was Ill . When Im less ill ,she took me to Tesco, we go for lunch and even when she had stomachache she took me to the hospital to get my medicines and I forgot how many blood test she had accompanied me to! Sometimes I think its great that I got to know her through my boyfriend -its like 2 in 1 combo !

For now why dont we look through ourselves and ask what kind of friend are you? and what kind of friend are you to your friends?.