Who are you?

I live in a so called posh condominium -in a so called upmarket area in the City Centre.Yesterday morning ,I had to pay my water charges at the Management office that is located at another block, My mother drove me there as we were about to go for our breakfast and do some banking matters.
The Nepalese security guard rudely asked my mother not to park her car at the spot because it blocked his view! he talked back at me in a rude manner .Just for the record, my mother was waiting in the car at the time , therefore I dont see the need of being rude to me and my mother .This is my house area,I paid service charges that pays your salaries and you are not a policemen anyway ..so, get over yourself!

I had always been nice to people any race or colour ,I don't care and Im not the kind of person who would label and be rude to others if they don't start with me.I just won't!
But then again the event yesterday and of course few things that I saw last week is just frustrating.

I bet its ok if my Caucasian neighbours whom I think came to Malaysia on a tourist visa and not having proper jobs (as they just hang out and dissapears for a break in Thailand every now and then to get another fresh entry to this country)put their cars there .But because I am nice and I am a local, I was treated that way.And they are the one who came here to work!THIS IS MY PLACE , MY COUNTRY AND I WAS BORN HERE .IM A MALAY WOMEN FROM MALAYSIA.

Am I being discriminated in my own country?

Maybe we welcomed too many of all these foreign workers. , I dont expect a bunch of 'small sized' Nepalese who don't speak that much Malay or English would be able to take care of my security and safety.Do you?