Gimme some love

I woke up pretty late today, Im glad I did that since I had been whining a lot about not having enough rest lately.
I went to the Library I wanted to return the book Ive borrowed weeks ago.
The National library is in Jalan Tun Razak , Kuala Lumpur, the bad thing about this library is it is not centrally located as in there is hardly any public transport.. bus for instance, I had never seen them there!
I drove from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng coming from the city centre, and had to go through a very long way and traffic jams , therefore today I have decided not to borrow any books anymore.I would say the location, the lack of public transportation, the filthy ladies toilet , the lack of knowledge of some staffs and the unhygenic cafeteria are my reasons not to go back there, despite being A Malaysian who loves to read and would like to use the library and enjoy the facilities.Today, I think I had enough.

But nice building though ,Like the unique roof.