Sunday, 11 June 2017

Nota buat mama

On the sky in between Surabaya to Singapore.

So many times that I have disappointed my mum , and that many times she always motivates me again.

of so many times that she cried for me and that so many times I cried too for breaking her heart.

I am not good at expressing my emotion lately,In this time of oppression and being part of  rat race...I hardened my heart for fear that someone may tear the thin paper apart.

 If my mother knows how much I love her and would  do anything for her as much as she would  for me...
She too would be grabbing the kleenex.

I know she doesn't  like to celebrate birthdays , but  I would still wish her anyway.

Happy Birthday mama.

I love you.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Commandments version 1.0

Could it be the real reason why I didnt write much is because I hate "Times New Roman"

Anyway I am hardly here, but  should you want to follow my travel journey, please do follow me elsewhere .

I swear it was a  rough journey to get here into 2017.
2016 was not the year I would be happy to talk about ...but I am grateful I managed to get through it with grace.

1)On fair battle.
you can find bullies , work,public places.
A bully will always be a bully.
I  had been bullied and as much I would fight thing for sure I would not fight back on those whom I know have some sort of weakness.when I said "weakness" it could mean anything from inferior from recent  divorced of  parents, inferior with self image   to hemorrhoids to cancer. I won't fight back those who are weaker than me.I would fight only a fair battle and I understand what makes people becomes who they are.

I forgive you.

2)On taking care of you ownself.
I believe in putting my nose in my own issues and giving you  my best self.I dont disturb you and I hope you won't disturb me.

3)Plastic perfect.
I don't want to waste my time by being fake nice.Life is too short to do that.I have a small circle of friends whom I love and  you bet they are kind towards me ,smart , funny people .Some of them knows me since we were 3. 
I am grateful to have them in my life  and 2017 is the year where friends  will see me more often and I apologise for the weddings, engagements,holidays , hen dos  that I had missed because I was a selfish workaholic who only cares about my passion towards cooking.

4)Protecting the weak
I will be protecting the poor , the weak  as much as I can , as hard as I could.

5)On expensive lipstick
I need to stop buying my YSL's and  Diors I have started to get the cheaper lipsticks.

6)On cheaper perfumes.
That is not going to happen.I love my expensive perfumes.

yes i did it and built more muscles too.

8)Writing more often
I love writing and would be a journalist If i didn't  do this for living.Writing  used to provide me that freedom but lately  my thoughts are very political and at times radical.I can't be a politician.I don't want to be a hero, I don't like being at the centre of attention.I only do media and press when they are money in it or when my employer urged me to for  product marketing purpose...therefore i can't write my real thoughts   that is filled with  frustrations and patriotism.That is how I truly feel lately.

9)eating like a someone in her 30's would
I stopped the fried chicken  and fast food diet.All at once.

10)Happiness is not a destination it is an emotion that I create.

11)Thou shall not  get hurt over petty things and toughen up.