I need you

I know that I talk a lot about lupus.3 years ago , I dont even know that they are such chronic disease ,a disease that almost took my life, a disease that crushed my spirit back then.My life experienced a U turn on my way to the top of my dream.I was young and ambitious and at the time, I had just met a handsome and kind gentlemen(RW) and the best part is he likes me too. Awesome ..!I used to say.
Everytime I woke up in the morning my fingers went numb, my ankles were painful,Its normal I guess at that time.I started to even lost weight and hairs.

Past is past , I dont want to even remember the ordeal ,but forgetting it can be such a selfish act.Many people who is in their early stage of Lupus wants to talk to someone, a "senior" who had been there and experienced the ordeal.I wish someone were there to be my Lupus buddy at that time.
I am thankful that I have found Angels , they are my Doctors.

I love my Rheumatologists

Dr KK Ho my Rheumatologist in Malaysia ,is a Doctor with a character, He jokes sometimes , He is a charming gentlemen who had many experience treating people with Lupus. How can I forget , when I couldn"t walk and looking all bulimic , He was there with me. He gave my family the courage and convinced them that I will be allright.Thanks for gripping our hands tight and giving us that assurance when my family were in such despair.

Dr Doherty of Classic Hospital Hull and East Riding is my Rheumatologist in England. I enjoyed my visits to her office, She is so pretty and so perfect to my eyes, When she speaks , she speaks so gently , I feel ashamed at times by her modesty , She is so successful,intelligent and yet so humble.She listens and she nods ,She is always there to help me.I have to admit that everytime I have an appointment with her , my heart often jumps with joy and hope , I even got up early , excited to see her again .As a women I adore her and she is definitely with other successful women that includes my boyfriend"s sister (Alison) and my mum(Korin) they are in "super women" book of mine.

I think that is why every mothers wants their children to be a Doctor, and why Doctors were born and not made.Medical schools didn"t made that brain .They sacrifice their time for other people .In my case both my specialist are geniuses and had contributed so much in the field of rheumatology .They both knows my personal life and always shares their advices on how I can lead a normal life.I had promised years back then.. that I will be 100% myself again, there is no cure , only remission and Im on the latter stage.I dont know when will the "Wolf"* strike again, crushing my life , like squeezing an empty aluminium can but for now ,I am going to take a deep breathe and enjoy what the earth offers me.
I pray that they will find a cure for Systemic Lupus Erythmathosus soon.