Memories from my journey (Why did you treat me like that?)

To travel or not to travel. I love going off for holidays , journeys to the unknown land , exploring the markets and museums , getting to know how the locals live .I definitely got it from my parents , as a kid I remember being taken along on a road trip visiting historical places and state houses.Even when its just the weekend my parents seldom allow us to just hang out watch cartoon, I remember those nature walks , trip to the waterfalls, face to face encounter with a tiger and once, wild boar.
I dont mind the hustle and bustle to pack and organise a trip , but I just cant stand the journey on the plane.I have a lot of stories about planes, airlines and people who work for the service provider.Some pleasant and some not and some were straight up painful and bitter.

Back then when I was disabled ,my journey from England to come back to my mum were often with KLM as they have got services from a nearby airport, at the time I was in desperate need of medical attention, so I decided to come back to Malaysia for a bit until I got my health sorted.It happened almost 3 years ago, but I can remember it so clearly,When I arrived at Schiphol airport with my connecting flight from England I had disable assistance, they took me on van and later on a buggy. What I cant believe up to this date is how could that lady ditched" me without a wheel chair in front of the departure gate without notifying her co- worker? Yes, I almost missed my flight, I saw everyone got on that plane and I was seating on the chair helpless and had to crawl to get on the plane with my backpack. As soon as I got into the plane ,I asked the stewardess to help me with my hand luggage, instead of helping me, she told me to do it by myself while pointing at the compartment, and on this journey too, I had to wait an hour to get a glass of water.I have to say that I almost died of dehydration and that was very rude!the only reason I didn"t lodge any official complain was because I was hospitalised right after arriving .To be fair , few of my friends have something less nice to say about this airlines and to be honest, the seats with them are NOT really cheap.

The next time around , still on the wheelchair ,with Malaysia airlines , and I won"t complain about the airline as I found the cabin crew were very helpful and caring. BUT the ground staff at KLIA ,once again! same incident, abandoned me at the arrival hall!and because of that many confusion had happened and I couldn"t find my mum who was waiting for me for hours.Thanks! for nothing!!

Now that I can walk again, whenever I find people on the wheelchair on their own ,I always ask them if they are OK.I dont want anyone who can"t walk to encounter what I had experienced.
I would also like to write about "good" airlines and the food they served, but I think that will be in my next entry.