What an orgasmic feeling

We were made for each other,
I like him and he wants to please me
Even when he is sweet or bitter
the peculiarly adorable taste of him makes me lavitate up to cloud nine

Dark or white its ok ,
We understands how to satisfy each other
and enjoy each other in our own special way
I peeled you through layer by layer
and in my head I thought
This was meant to be
Ive been doing this with you before my puberty.

Everybody knew it,
there is nothing they can say to change my love for you
I want you every morning
I want you every evening
I need you when Im down
There were times when I ravaged you without sympathy
Biting you allover .. At times ,I dont act like a lady
I am sorry darling,I do get impatient occasionally

Insatiable .... the more I have you the more I want you,
Addiction....I can"t even live my life without you

And now when you are near me, there are no obstacles anymore
I have all the money
and all the ability to get hold of you
To savour you throughout the day,
To satisfy my lust towards the sweetness of my baby
Oh Chocolate , I love you !

To my cadbury and chocolate brownies
by Az Azura