You are full of bullshit!

Firstly ,I would like to apologise for my choice of word used for my title this time around,Im a Malay girl brought up in a Malay family , We dont curse , we dont swear, thats is not our culture. But again so does bragging and looking down on people.
Pride and humility is part of the principles that I was brought up with,let me just go straight to the point .
It pissess me off sometimes with some stuck up women especially when they are stuck up Malay ladies(I know !as much as I would love to love all these sisters and makcik"s they sometimes pathetically fell into this -weird ladies "categories)

Just for the note for "us" that means my family , having Ferragamos or YSLs slipped to our feet is just normal, its not a freakin" big deal! I still remember back than the ladies of our family would fly to London or the closest Singapore or Jakarta to buy their shoes.I could show pictures of my mum"s designer"s handbags collection and her favorite is Dior and Aigner -mind that she got rid of 80% of her collection as we were moving houses , when I took one of her old handbag to London , an admirer wanted to have that Christian Dior"s piece
and willing to pay a very good price as it is a vintage piece.

Its not wrong to be a fashionista , but it is extremely rude , when you hold my handbag in front of others to look at the brand. it is like ... you want to make sure and check on my status and how much money I ve got before you really befriending me,Shallow and straight up rude that was!Lucky that I was raised with manners and to treat people nicely and to be status blind.All that these ladies talked about is about brands and how they got this and that from Europe.All that I heard was Im this and and Im that , no small talk just BIG ,BIG ,BIG...bla bla bla

And also.. I forgot to also tell you that one weird women " were a guest of my mum a while ago and while my mum were in the kitchen plating some dishes, I cant believe she lift our cup saucer just to check on its brand.
Oh gosh!! what if it were a cheap chinaware? I think she might just walk out from our house !! thanks god it was an expensive one and also she is definitely in my weird friend"s list.

This type of women also hates to do housework ,
"I dont cook .. NEVER! I have my maid to do it."what I heard is - eeeuuuwww !

Come on women ! we are Malay ladies , of course we know how to cook we were born with extraordinary taste in food ,quietly I start to suspect that they are not real women"maybe they were a men.Oh yea..Her Royal Highness Tuanku Puan Pahang Tengku Azizah was born in a Palace with plenty of helpers in the kitchen , but I adore her as a women, as a chef and her ability to make Traditional Malay Delicacies and mind you that she is a Princess , a daughter to the Sultan and She is a future Queen who will be seating on the throne.

These weird women should be ashamed of themselves thinking , not- going- to -the- kitchen because -you- have- an -Indonesian- maid is a posh thing to say or practise".

I had never realised that the designer"s things grandma, mum and Aunts kept in their closets and chests are actually the object of desire by "weird women group.Just because they are branded...oh gosh Im rolling my eyes now , how can you be sooo shallow?
I dont feel the need to show off my wealth especially when its not solely mine.. I m not the kind of person who would go to people and say -hi I"m Azura, i went to boarding school in England , been to finishing school, Oh yea both my grandparents and parents went to school there too! my grandpa is a millionaire you see!
because I dont classify that as success , you are who you are not who your parents and let alone your ancestors are .I just dont understand but still impress by the courage of some people when talking big and bragging , though they do tend to have joker-clown quality in themselves sometimes.

If you think you are rich materially, they are always someone richer than you.

Then again insecurity might be the answer on why they are like this, after taking a short break while typing this blog of mine ,I finally understand that not everybody were born lucky and had experienced luxury at younger age , maybe they had a hard life and suddenly marries a rich husband and just starting to smell the luxury of having a driver and the leather seats of their husbands Mercedes, so they got too excited" and starts to brag non -stop to deny their insecurities and their low IQs
I adore the ladies in Tun Mahathir"s family , especially her daugher Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir and her mum Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, they are confident and carries themselves well with or without carrying expensive handbags but again they are confident intelligent women with brains ..(like me , ha ha I wish).

As for me...who measures success with wearing designer"s gear anyway?

Ive tasted ,maybe not all but some flavours of luxury and I am confident Im a bigger person than them -weird ladies association" whether you have the money or you are broke , doesnt matter if you wear expensive clothes or not.. if I like you , you are my friend and Ill accept you as you are.