That is not nice .. and you know THAT.

I ve been feeling tired lately ,My physical and mental ability has slowed down a little, It had been two days that I have not practising yoga eventhough I do need the stretch.Im tired and fed up of all the wrong things thats going on in this world , for someone like me ,who had gone through a lot in life, all this stupidity is uncalled for.

I dont know why people said ugly words towards others, I don"t really see the need of it. People who called you friends but hurts you intentionally and pretend like everything is ok, people who stabbed you and kicked you when you are down, all this pretentiousness.. ,and the worst thing is I just let them do it to me.

I know what you did behind me.
I had been sincere in friendship and had always been there for my friends, through good or bad times.

When you are happy I am always happy for you, and when you are down , I will try my very best to cheer you up.

The mirror has two faces and so does fate ,treat others as you would like to be treated.

Note *
There are few friends that "messaged" me today and asked me to update my blog.Thanks a lot,I Will write more tomorrow as I dont feel well today, I have so many issues that I want to write about from cheeky to serious.Once again Thank you for supporting sayangkuazura-Az