Be my guest (once, I was a Diva, a culinary Diva)

I used to work in a cafe during a summer break when I was a teenager, which I find amusing and my love for pastries and baking were the reasons why I worked there after finishing a short course in bread making .See, the school owned the cafe and since I showed too much interest in baking and eager to learn more , the lecturer cum owner decided to employ me on a part time basis , basically I helped out during lunch hours at the sandwich and roast section.I had a good time and made few friends , that was certainly an eye opener and one of the reason why I further studied and picked a career that has got something to do with food .Food is my thing, at least, at that time...and when I was serving , I was always 100% on the job and loving it and took pride of what I made and served.

I still love trying out new restaurants and cafes though in Kuala Lumpur I am often stunned by the service staffs , from one extreme to the other , if they are fast which is unlikely , they are super turbo fast, and when they are slow they are worst than snails. I went to a bookstore in town just now and sat at its cafe(The cafe was not operated by the bookstore) and I was waiting for 45 minutes for my hot chocolate and I didn't see any signs that my hot choc would be serve soon , but I saw other customers who came later than me were given their food.The waitresses just ignored me after taking my order, That pisses me off and I said something to the bookstore staffs later while paying for my book.I would like to thank Max and Chris of Times bookstore at Pavilion(my favourite mall at the moment) for being so kind hearted an attentive.

I can write a whole book about my experiences with servers at Restaurants some nice and some not so nice. But these are something that I can actually write about so spontaneously

In Cambodia ,the service trends at cafes tends to be "we- are- slow- but- we- hang out- with- you-until- your -food- is- cooked which was fine as I was a tourist at a tourist spot at least I don't feel so abandoned and ignored.its always nice to meet new friendly people.But I would have to give a big credit to those at the Raffles Pnom Penh for that nice treatment given and The F&B manager whom I forgot to e mail, though I said I'll keep in touch.I will share more on my Cambodia experience next time around.

You gave dining a bad name
In Hong kong , I went to Lan Kwai Fong during one of a night out, the mostly Fillipinas who worked there were kind of snobbish! and that boiled my blood too, some even try to show their arrogance and of course they don't received a single freakin tips from me.. there you go!( when you gave 'attitude' to people , they will reciprocate )

Vietnam wasn't that bad.. I remember at the Majestic when we were late for breakfast and to be honest I love the breakfast venue , it comes with a beautiful view of Saigon river and its activities, but most of all the kindness of a service personnel there , breakfast was over, but we were presented with another banquet of his courtesy , and that is why I wrote nice things about him in the comment card.

Among the thousands of tales of servers that I had experienced, besides the rudeness of Hong Kong there is Ibiza where my boyfriend had an exchange of harsh e-mails and complaints because of one arrogant server at a restaurant who insist that the fish we ordered were fully cooked when I can see that they aren't and it was like right on their faces, though they apologised only after we got back to the UK , those incident still makes me ponder , what is wrong with these people? , at the end I am a customer and you want my money and I am definitely 100% fuss free customer(unless if you start first) But then I thought .. maybe their parent never taught them any manners or empathy, or maybe they are just plain......

Home grown antics
I had been embarrassed few times in front of my tourist friends with my own country's hospitality infrastructure wise and service staff's rudeness and I'm thinking , are we really that hospitable in Malaysia? or am I the only one?


Anonymous said…
Oh so you're a baker!... When are you going to bake me sumethin'? :-)

I didn't have any bad experiences while in Hong Kong but i'm sure bad service can happen anywhere. I've never been to Malaysia i would love to check it out someday.
AzAzura said…
I am glad you din not experienced what I had.Yes! please do come to Malaysia!