shut up !

Its a grey wet day again today.There is a counstruction site in front of me , by the window that used to offer a peaceful sights such as the forest that supplies so much fresh breezy air .No doubt that our house price will go down by several percents having this high rise condominium project next to us.The level of noise and the traffic congestion that it had caused is just too painful to talk about.
If only I have the power to NOT approve a project ,If only I have the power at The City Council ,I would not approve this one just for the fact that the access road is too narrow and I dont see that this developer intends to build another road .. as they are no more lands available. and secondly because its too near to the forest reserves and too near to our building .Many times my aircond unit were shaken , and I feel the vibration from my floor as Im typing this due to the next doors pilings and excavating. What used to be a nice peaceful place is now hell.