Will the real sliced almond please stand up?!!!

The facade of The Pavilion shopping mall courtesy of my brother, Reza

I am typing while listening ,singing along and pretending that I am Beyonce Knowles performing Bootylicious.Obviously someone is in a holiday mood!

I received a cheque in my mail yesterday!It was from my mobile phone network provider Maxis Mobile, who had threatened to sue me if don't settle my bill of RM(Ringgit Malaysia) 500 and this was a year- and a half ago when I was bed paralyzed .Not only that their constant calling annoyed me , but their refusal to understand or let someone come and pick up the money is just too hard for me to accept , I was treated like S*** because of FIVE HUNDRED RINGGIT (approximately US 135). I paid that equal amount of deposit to activate my phone line at the first place and while I was paralysed and could not even go to the bathroom by myself ,word such as "Dont explain to me , explain to the court " from their collecting agents were not necessary . I know my rights and I know what they can and cannot do to me.

My mom paid the bill .
Yesterday was just like any other day, I checked on the mail box and I found a letter for me , went through it and there was a cheque of over RM 700 !
we actually double paid or maybe those people just do not know how to count,Since I don't have any bank account in Malaysia anymore , there I was waking up early in the morning , drove to the bank and wait to get my account sorted.I am glad that people at Standard and Chartered especially Miss Anne, had made it all casual and fuss free for me.But, the hassle on the way to get the account done , to get my car parked , the walk to the bank ,the tiredness .. sigh what a whole lot of trouble for me who rather pack for my holiday and get some serious sleeping done.

So ,that was settled and my Mum decided to pop in at the supermarket as we parked our car at The Pavilion (yep, my current favourite mall)We wanted to get some almonds and we could not find them ... I asked the girl who worked there in Malay and apparently she could not understand me as she is a foreigner , so I spoke to her in English and guess what? she don't understands it neither! and so does 8 other supermarket staffs who were playing "find -the- almond" game with me through the aisles.. they showed me the Mc cormicks green cap bottles and the herb boxes and I was playing win, loose or draw with them explaining what Almond is in the middle of a huge , gigantic ,jumbo supermarket.At the end .. No, we could not find any almonds therefore, there won't be any almond sugee(semolina almond cake)for me
this afternoon :(.

Leaving on a jet plane
Dear friends,
I will be going to Dubai tomorrow and I will be back in one week, so see you soon, and have a Merry Christmas!Thank You for supporting Sayangku Azura

Big Hug xx


Nasim Fekratْ said…
Dear Azura,

Thanks for comment and thanks for sympahy.

How is Dubai, i have been there some times before. Dubai is developing every day.
Anonymous said…
I want the recipe for that almond cake! :-) Good luck finding some of these elusive almonds.
Have fun in Dubai!
bluedreamer27 said…
so long azura
i do hope for ll the safetiness in your fligth
and merry christmas to you too
may you have the most wonderful christmas ever
andrea matranga said…
Foto bellissimie very goud.
AzAzura said…
Chef Andrea Matranga,