That soft gentle touch.

I am feeling tired , but nevermind yesterday's day out is definitely a nice one.
I went to my mum's old friend's shop to get some sequins and beads at an area that's filled with fabric shops where the tailors and fashion designers in Kuala Lumpur likes to get their supplies of sewing instruments.

Unlike Mother, this daughter.
I love beads, I was taught how to make my own jewelleries by my mother few years ago, I even managed sell some of it to friends and on e bay , not big profit , but really fun to make something and sell it , especially when you were born "numb handed"it seems to be such an achievement!.Materials used in my work are glass beads, paper beads and of course my handmade clay and polymer beads.Unlike my Mother , I am really not that good with womanly works like knitting, sewing and Yes that includes beading too , but since it is therapeutic I did it as a hobby and my designs are usually crazy and funky instead of graceful,neat and detailed designs.

When I popped into those fabric shops just now ,I realized what Ive been missing and feel awful that I did not inherit any of those talents name it from my mum or my grandmother, When I sew some sequin on red , 60's style dress that my mother had made for me recently , it turned out awful as it was not as neat as hers and that makes me feel awful , and reminded me of an incident when I was 9,where my mother get a lady to teach me how to do crosstiches after I told her about my interest to do an art project and I picked a pattern with a Tortoise on it. 18 years later, The Tortoise project that was supposed to be my work of art is still not ready and even worse disappeared, I simply sucks'! I shrugged , went to bed and took a nap .

The story behind the series of dresses that my mum had made for me in this past few days is...days before Deepavali , we went to get some almonds for the desserts that we planned to make, but ended up buying tonnes of fabrics ! and today those vibrant fabrics are my dresses and my mum is currently doing the finishing touches with the beads and sequins.
I can't wait to wear them on my holiday soon, and I am finally willing to admit that unlike My Mother , my Grandmother a fashion designer , my Grandaunt a well known event and wedding planner who is also a fantastic dress maker and my late Great-grandmother who sew for hobby ,this hand aren't make for sewing .Sigh..