I cant't let it go

Im really bad with goodbyes.. In my very own word..hate it ,loathe it and how I wish that whenever I meet people that I like I can just keep them" Saying goodbyes at airports and railway stations especially,it makes me feel very sad, it feels like my heart had been crushed, smashed and left alone to heal by itself.
When I was a little girl ,I stomped my feet and cried whenever my parents guest were about to leave. and today, I cant be doing that , well its not really cute" when a 27 year old act like that isnt it?from Malacca to the Airport and direct to KLIA the scenery of palm plantations and villages .. I just ignore them, Im not interested , Im in this web of sadness and I cant find my way out.

Dont leave me" I wanna say
Tears, please in my eyes you will stay.
I cant take it anymore
I smiled , waved back at you
And here I am ,in the car watching you go
Put my hands to my face and the warm crytals starts to flow.

But.. this is how it is ,though we have so much love for each other in our heart , separations - name it temporary or permanently, is part of a humans life.I had great memories with those I had said goodbyes to, I kept a mental picture of all of them,they"ll accompany me along the way, your smile, your laughs ,jokes is always in my mind.Yes it is part of a humans life , a lesson for us to make every seconds a sweet moment, in another word to really appreciate the time spent with those whom we love.

I know you need to go,
life ain"t a movie where a guy would turn back unexpectedly, and decide to stay eternally.This is a painful reality . so for now Im going to keep all those sweet memories with you and put it on reruns over and over again and before I knew it,I will see your smile again at the end of just any airports arrival hall and your warm and loving hug will be waiting for me.

I miss you.