I just want to share my feelings and thoughts .At this moment my mother is having her usual headache due to hypotension(low blood pressure) that she had inherited through generations ,I got it too, when I dont eat my daily required amount of carbohydrates I start to feel dizzy and sometimes starts to shiver but thats not the only thing that I inherited from my mother...

Food glorious food ,
My mum is a good wait,no She is a GREAT cook, she can cook just about everything.Al though she was literally born in a family who have people doing it for her ,Apart from cooking and being good at it , both of us loves luxurious confectionary, expensive nice restaurants and trying new menus.I feel proud of my mum, when friends pop by to my house they always said nice things about her cooking. My boyfriend always said "its not as nice as your mum's or yours " with a dissapointed looking face whenever he had chicken or beef rendang at restaurants what a compliment!of course I agree to that .

Yesterday, me and my beloved mum went for shopping and I ended up buying few pairs of shoes and a handbag.After that we went to Chillis (again.. two days in a row) and I had a fairly nice chicken quesadillas( Although I would say they have not try my quesadillas yet !) and my mum had salmon as usual as that is the only place that has a simple grilled salmon full stop I would say most of the restaurants in Kl serves 'fusionated' salmon like salmon with mango sauce and other silly things thats straight up yucky". When we got back, my mother made me some Tom Yam noodle , it is one of my favourite food and I ended up having 3 big bowls of them, I forgot that I also bought a huge cheesecake made by a Japanese cheesecake bakery (yes they only bake cheesecakes ) and that was awesome . what a feast!

Growing up having your parents friends coming over to your house , and having other friends taking turns to entertain us in their house is just wonderful , the kids would sit on a different dining table or the patio , the adults would eat and talk in the main dining and having a laid back time.
Now that Im an adult, those memories made me smile whenever I think of
them .I am glad to have found a men,my partner in crime whom like me , treasures simple joy in life like having few friends over for food and fooling and running around in the garden after that.In the UK my favourite entertaining food and I think it has become my trademark, has to be Thai red curry because I think Im quite good at making it besides it is simple and everybody seems to like it,folowed by few bits and bobs like coconut rice(nasi lemak),parathas , stir fry and heavenly puddings .At times my boyfriend has to calm me down , while Im planning for our mini banquet" therefore I wont go to the extreme by making my own icecreams and getting minced to make my own burgers for our barbeque.

Those are the things that women of family enjoy doing ,My mum and grandma loves English Chinas but I love the colourful etchnicky' plates that I have in the Uk and I think some of the things that Ive bought from Pnomh Penh are just beautiful. I think I got carried away there , fortunately I ve got to stop before I start to talk about tablecloth ,silverware and so on..

Im off now , there is a new Restaurant that we are about to try ,therefore I have to get ready and go now, bye.

Thanks and words of gratitude and sucking up
I am so happy with what I had bought yeaterday and would like to thank my beloved boyfriend because the shoes were from him and also my mum who always advice me to get a matching handbag when you get a shoe and that made her bought me the matching handbag yesterday.