I still can't believe this

Wonder why are they so many of people queuing up at this doughnut store everyday at Pavilion , they must be delicious


My project is still semi-done and my head is spinning and visuals of my story line for my project is changing in a fast mode.Therefore I went to Pavillion,a new huge shopping mall that had just been opened not far from my place with my mother in the pretext of getting lunch and because I can't eat almost everything , We picked a Restaurant instead of eating at the food court like I had planned in my head earlier.( unlike me,My mother was never a fan of food court and any crowded places).

I'm glad that today everyone I met just now were pleasant....

Thank god they are finally waiters and service staffs who would still be able to speak in Malay in Bukit Bintang !unlike our ugly encounter last year at the Lecka Lecka Ice cream parlour /lounge near starhill centre , where the staffs spoke to me in American accented English even when I was talking to them in Malay . The result from their snobbishness , we had an argument , that's because this Malay chap again probably from rural village and were trying hard to look "urban" See, I don't get his brup brup mispronounced English and the results sparks my anger because I took my mum out to have some meal and Ice cream and at the time I feel like the service staffs there were being rude to me and my mother and I never take silliness and rudeness well especially from service staff and I certainly know how to shout back.
I was told by another rude Bangladeshi who worked there, that the owner of the place wants everybody to speak in English because Bukit Bintang is a posh tourist spot and everybody has to be rude and speak in American English.If they don't they would have to be charged for a penalty and that is one Ringgit Malaysia each time .I am surprised that in my country we are not allowed to speak our own National language , In this case I adore and salute our neighbours Indonesia and Thailand , when I was in Indonesia I was eager to catch up with their slang and language and spoke to them in Bahasa Indonesia , I want to know their cultures of every region , their dances and how to make their delicacies.Nothing could change their identities neither millions of foreign tourist nor time.

When I'm abroad I have to pick the country's languages , why can't I be speaking in my own language when I'm in my country? With the attitude of the staffs and even the owner of the company, even though I love the taste of one of their ice cream , I had banned myself , my immediate family members and friends from having ice creams there,isn't it a shame when people refused to come to your store because of your bad attitude and not your products!I had been to some of the nicest places to eat allover the world, but I had never encounter people as rude and think "they are stylish" as people at that Lecka Lecka ice cream store.Yucks.I am glad I didn't manage to order my full meal there, as after that I saw the state of their kitchen facing Jalan Bukit Bintang and I thought ... what a relief!

I am so glad that today at The Pavilion ,everyone from the guy at the DVD shop to the guys and girls who took our orders at the restaurant not forgetting the staffs at both pharmacies and the car park guy", your kind gestures and smiles make my day a colourful one and that is genuine Malaysian hospitality.

Gigantic Christmas tree at Suria KLCC ,Last week, when I had lunch there with my mother


roslimh said…
Hi, it's weird right. woshh..why I speak English here. "Itulah orang kita yang tidak mahu memartabatkan bahasa sendiri...salah siapa agaknya?" Mcm orang Jepun, Peranchis sebagai contoh mereka cukup bangga dengan bahasa mereka. Kenapa tidak kita di Malaysia. When we abroad at different land, it is OK to speak English or the land's language but in our own soil, tanah tumpah darah ku, kita cakaplah bahasa malaysia. Well, that's what I thought it should be.
AzAzura said…
Terima kasih kerana komen saudara!