Perasan = thats stuck up, pretentious in Malay.

I do sometimes go out for a drink or a meal with friends,As much being a person who enjoys doing things on her own , I occasionally goes out with few friends that I find quite pleasant to be with.I hate going out and handle dramas and bitchiness let alone stupidity of some of my acquaintances who likes talking silly without thinking and being inconsiderate and later apologise and claim that it has to be their rich upbringing and how spoilt they are .. big deal!

We(my brother and I) were out last weekend, my brother were playing a game of pool , and me having a nice conversation with a friend,I saw few scantily clad Malay and chinese girls hanging out with their Mat Salleh (caucasian) boyfriends and the ugly part is one of them allow that ugly, sweaty and old looking drunken caucasian men to fondle her well endowed breast and she seems reluctantly happy with it and giggle , Ok .. its not my breast , why should I care ? but If I stop caring maybe I might as well stop blogging and stop living!And I think no matter how much you want to be with a guy , you have to have respect for yourself .

I do have plenty of caucasian friends male , female , professionals, jobless all sorts. Im dating one too. but I was wondering if an Asian girl starts dating a caucasian men, would they change themselves for their men and do they love them because of the regular reasons people fell in love or solely because of their colour and just colour?

I know few girls like that ,some of them even starts to miss eating turkeys and halloween, starts taking almost naked pictures and published it in their friendster/myspace/facebook profiles to show the world they are mat sallehs, starts to love sunbathing , but when no one is looking they go back to their village somewhere in rural part of the country and wore a headscarf and traditional dress pretending to be a nice muslim girl(Just imagine if their parents sees those pictures of them in their skimpy bikinis and hanging out with their hairy mat salleh boyfriend on the same bed? he he ,he hillarious).These are the kind of people I hate hanging or even having a conversations with , when they are in clubs all that they think about is their aim to go and get mat salleh men into their sack that comes to an extend that makes them look cheap' .I would not mind if they are doing it as a business, but I dont want to go out , use my own money to buy my own drinks minding my own business and being labelled as a 'fishermen with a fishing rod' just because other girls of the same race, only stupid, are doing it.So where are these girls before they started to miss sunbathing , eating turkeys ,escargot ,drinking champagnes and all the things a matsalleh would do?

Gosh,Im about to puke...

Im sure their Malay parents in your 'Kampung'(village) never taught them about their self identities and respect.I grew up flying allover the world and having all sort Global cuisines, going in and out of functions with my parents ,went to private school and mixed with people of every colours you can think of. I can claim that Im a 'coconut' who has white part inside of me if I were that stuck up Malay, but I won't, Im a Malay girl and I'll always be .. rice and asam pedas(a type of Malay dish) will always be my number one food .Because my parents are well educated and came from good families, they taught me some principles in life and Its pasted to my head.

My boyfriend is a Mat Salleh as I mentioned few times , we were introduced by a friend few years ago and we hit it off right away, at the first place I thought he is a smart guy who can engaged into any sort of conversations , He is aware of every issues that people talk about from global warming ,religious issues to Michael Jackson's trial, and later when I took him to hang out with my friends from directors and ceos of companies to chefs and lawyers, He just got along with them very well. Ok.. enough, I think you have got the point, I have a smart, boyfriend and He is good looking too . Enough said.That was the first reason why Im attracted to this men and if only this person were born a Malay or Indian or African , I want to be with this person , I like his personality and mind and this is pure and honest from me.And despite a person saying that Ive started to sound very English since being with him , they definitely do not know me long enough,to know that I went to school and uni in England, and they definitely don't know who I am before I met my boyfriend and of course they don't know what kind of life and family background I have.See, I mentioned before, I dont do bragging and show offs.Im only a person who speaks my mind and thats a taboo for some people .. good or bad I have my own opinion .

Dating a matsalleh'(caucasian) men did not change my preference of food ,clothes, hobby or size of my breast and nose.I am not a pretentious person and I still hang on to my nerdy hobbies like collecting stamps and gardening.I have all the freedom to be myself ,Let alone changing my name into a matsalleh name or bow to them. its sad when you became a slave to men and try to be someone you are not.I just hope that no matter how eager you are to change yourself into someone you are not , take a look at the mirror sometimes, and justify that reflection upon you.

Proud to be A Malay girl and will never change.

Mat salleh=caucasian men
perasan=stuck up, pretentious ,pathetic in Malay


Nea said…
Great post! Thanks
skippy said…
asian pride!!!