I will fly to you

Being on the plane for a long time is such a pain. My activities while sitting on the plane varies , depends on who I sat next to , as sometimes I do encountered strange "neighbours".
I would say that in this few years I had been in and out of planes very often and had fair share of experience meeting friendly and not so friendly people in the transport.

Manchester airport as usual , busy and packed and for goodness sake, the longest queue award goes to Qatar Airways"s counter, They seems to offer reasonable prices for journeys to Asia.I dont mind flying with them ,although usually after a transit in Doha they would give me a plane without the interactive gadgets and personal screens to go back home to Kuala Lumpur, Im okay with that sometimes, as the food and service is good , but food alone is not enough to occupy myself ,I love to pick movies and the video games on the personal -interactive-screen and play games for hours, I even starts to call it "magic screens" , it kills time and boredom and a saviour when you found mysterious unfriendly people sitting next to you, even more when he even starts to scratch dandruff from his hair and sniffed it.
From the heart of a regular customer ,I am praying that officials from Qatar Airways will read this and will give a nice , updated fleet for its Doha-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta route.

The last time I was on the abovesaid route,I met few interesting people and being human, love observing other peoples behaviour , I met a beautiful girl at the airport and she was very friendly , with her beautiful figure and striking pink shoes all the men were looking at her with interest,I had the chance to speak to this beautiful brunette at the departure hall and before I knew it... I was helping her to adjust her fake eyelash , thats how quick I bond with people!She told me she is a Tv presenter and I got excited and ask for the name of her show as I want to watch it , She explained that she worked for an adult channel , those kinky shows where girls wear lingerie and entertain phone calls and do whatever (I dont need to explain).But what touched me the most was when she said that she cant be settling down with her Middle Eastern Lawyer boyfriend as he hailed from a good background and she doesn"t, in fact she is off to Doha to see him because she miss him.Don"t judge a person by the profession they are doing...I am glad I wasnt judging her or ran away when she said she also did lap dancing as a profession,what a kind hearted girl ,to be honest, I think she is a better person than people who steals ,received bribes and backstabbed others in order to get what they want....

When we were on the plane, we sat at different places and there was a girl in a long yellow gypsy skirt and a kaftan top , her hair were thick, curly and long.
Nobody speaks or smiled at her . An hour through the journey and I had just finished watching my first movie,I can"t stand it anymore , I have to talk,Having the big mouth , I started to ask her about her destinations and where she hailed from.Let me just call her S, She"s an Afghan , and she was there when the Russians army and Taliban juts started to broke the fight, when she was a child , their house were ransacked and she hid in a water tank and covered the lid and she squeezed her nose and stop breathing to avoid making any sounds, and that was just the beginning , she told me the stories on how she escaped Afghanistan and were sent to London and how she marry her cousin and how his family build chains of jewellery stores in Dubai.S "s life is so fascinating and all thrilling at the same time.At that moment I saw the whole potion of the cabin were quiet, listening to our conversation.She even answered some questions from the Proffessor who sat on the left aisle.Its funny that nobody smiled back at her and even look at her like she"s an alien when she first got in.I am impressed for someone who had gone through so much , she managed to graduate a renowned University and bounced back .

I am winnie The Pooh , the friendship mascot
After 4 hours of loafing , eating and buying candies at Doha Airport I was finally called to board on a plane(without the magic screen) to Kuala Lumpur home sweet home ,and next to me was a gentlemen in his 50"s on his way back to Medan,Indonesia but before that, He would have to go to Singapore to collect his final paycheck for the work He had done in the oil field in Sudan. Apart from sharing his experience working abroad, he also told me about his wife , who runs her own sundry shop in their village, his son who is a mechanic and owns a garage in Batam and his daughter who is in Hotel Management School in Bandung.He had worked in so many places from Johor Baru to Papua New Guinea ,andHe thinks its time for him to relax and enjoy the fruits that he had planted.Ill never forget when I mentioned that Indonesian men are all romantic, unlike their fellow counterpart in Malaysia and told him about a friend from Bali, his advise were....
"No! Balinese men are too romantic , that they dont even want to work!what they do is romancing day and night.Guys from Jawa(Java) is way much better especially those musicians in the rock bands they worked hard and they are super rich!

Thanks for the advice and sharing of experiences.No matter where these people are right now, I wish you are in a safe place surrounded by people whom you love, that was the reason why we flew so far away anyway...