Saturday, 31 May 2008

My first EVER blog entry

A year had passed since I wrote my first ever blog, that computer that was placed by the window were usually used for works and storing photos but that day it was dark and rainy while I was enjoying my laksa that were bought from the local take away and because C my friend had been sending me like many , many invites to get a myspace account ,I finally did and wrote my first entry giving more tasks for the computer, I puked away my frustrations, energy and many joy.

In this one year , many things had happened to my life. From East Yorkshire to Kuala Lumpur, this is my story ,Sayangku Azura....
P.S : Thanks for always being here with me ,lots of love-Az xo

28 May 2007
All by myself by AZ

Current mood: amused
Its raining again today..and tomorrow is a bank holiday and its going to rain as well...All that I ve been doing today is doing my yoga,sit in the bath with my rose aromatherapy cream bath( not petals-I think its such a waste to buy roses and crumble them into pieces just to look stylish ,rose petal bath are just for movies,or witch doctor"s mandi bunga),having my laksa noodles and enjoyed watching "the heaviest men in the world" on discovery channel.. Before that I was in front of the computer for hours playing on my simulation games(yes i do play online games, how nerdy" is that.)until I received a phone call from a friend from London who wants me to come down for an evening out as she is feeling rather down and bored.
I supposed living on her own for merely 2 days without her partner who had been for a stag do had made her the loneliest girl in this world.She then asked me how do I cope with living on my own most of the time,I start to ponder ,
Oh yea ,She also felt "sorry" that I have to be alone most of my life .
I am not mad ,slightly offended maybe,I know the intention is good)BUT...
I feel sorry for people who feels sorry for me,I am happy just the way I am ,I do think that I am quite a loner" ,but that does not make me uncool or unpopular, *Hollywood movies never did any justice when potraying a person who is always alone ,a.k.a loner(and also thanks to Virgina tech incidents)- for instance when you watched a TV show, the girl who is always alone are usually
a) ugly
c)psycho-dangerous and has a got bad intentions like to blow the school up
d)wearing teeth braces
f)a laughing stock
When... through my research ,and the feedbacks I"ve got from my friends when asked what they think of me:
they all think that I am a fun person to be with ,despite my tendencies to reject occasional outings just to be on my own and at times ,and some of these people , they dont even like me that much, if they think that I am NOT fun they would"ve said it right to my face .So the conclusion is- I like to believe that I am a fun person.
(see if you feels bored ,you can always call people and asked them what they think of you,thats why I am never bored !)
Back to what I think of the conversation that I had with this girlfriend of mine,Girl,life is more than that, not having my loved ones by my side has certainly made me the strong person I am,I certainly cant complain when my late father left us forever ,and I dont have the cure and do not know how to undone death,I never complaint before and do not want to start now.So I go on with my life, and at 11 I moved on and cheered myself up,When I have some space of time that allows me to think of the sweet memories I had with him I just shut the button or do something else just like when you don't like a TV show,you either switch it off or be thankful when there is a commercial break.Like recently when Im in KL for months ,I dont just sit and sulk,I took pottery lesson instead ,and look at how many things Ive created from teapots to big pretty vases,THAT is my commercial break
So sulking and blabbing about your boredom and sad loneliness affair certainly is not my thang".there is too many agony and pain in this world and if you have a look at earth from the galaxy it seems like our problems are hardly a single dot.
I am definitely not bored,I am a loner,I enjoyed doing things on my own,having my own space ,doing it at my own phase.books to read,computer games to play,shopping malls to browse,little street with antique shops (while there ,make friends with the old men who owns the shop).
Don't feel sorry for me ..I am enjoying myself..Now ,if you dont mind,I need to go to the kitchen and make A Chocolate tart for me to enjoy all by myself..

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Of fried chicken and illness

She :Hey Az , i think one of my friend knows you
me :Who is it
She :she is called xyz
Me :oh yeah I know , she worked for abcde
She :I asked if she knows you , and she said Az who loves to eat
kentucky Fried Chicken right? and I said yes ,that's the one!
Me :Huh?

I know eating fast food is not good for me ,having Lupus I should not touch any processed food, but some times the temptations of yummy greasy fried chicken is hard to resist and living in the middle of the city centre where every fast food is so near I opt for the easiest choice when I am hungry .It had been two weeks now that I have not been eating meat and the truth is my knees and ankles never hurt like this before.

Looking at how food of KFC being abandoned on the corridor like this in front of KFC Lumut , I don't feel like having the chicken anymore.Looks like some people are not sticking to their service standard.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

You drive me crazy

First and foremost, thank you for those who had been asking me on when I would update my blog. I don't feel too well at the moment and guys, it's only been days!It's nice to know that some of you > nice people are thinking of me.
Lately, I had also been receiving few enquiries of people wanting to get to know me,Thank you for your kind interest .

My entry this time is a wacky one because I want to touch the subject of craziness and absurdness.It is not that" you- go- to-a -party- with -friends- and- go- crazy- kind of- crazy." This is annoying crazy.I had faced many and trust me- MANY craziness that interrupted my life that there were times when I have to get The Police involve.

Few days ago, I was out to get ingredients for my cooking and a guy from a group of 3 in a coffee shop shouted at me while I was walking from my car to the shop. I was with my mother.I have come to know from female passersby that these boys shouted for no reason to girls who passed by and this is everyday , even to the college girls who studies in the building or the school girls from the nearby all girls school where this coffee shop is located.

Weeks earlier, I was at my regular market where I got my raw materials from , and let me tell you this market has got the freshest of vegetables being brought in and they buy straight from the farmers. One day one of their male customers decided to follow me allover the market and came near me while mumbling something like he is putting a spell of black magic on me or something..He followed me and hide behind the isle and doing all this creepy suspicious antics, even while I was paying he stood up in front of me and stared .

The last one that I manage to capture amongst all of the wackiness I had encountered-
this guy decided to park his car on the yellow line and when Police gave him a parking ticket he still insisted to park there , he ended up having 5 summons sitting on his windscreen and a tow truck waited for him , it was just outside KFC Bukit Bintang and this dude has no respect whatsoever towards the authority and decided to come out from the car and stood by it while staring at the police.

I had a chat the other day with a Policemen and he said that lately they are many crimes committed by people who are not mentally stable, difficulties in securing a job , the price rise of almost everything, financial difficulties these all led to unhealthy mental health.
No wonder lately , I always see messages from the Ministry of health on TV on how to cope with stress and depression.


Saturday, 24 May 2008

Quaint territory

Palm plantation

My refurbishing dream, I would like to paint them in shiny black.(If I got one)

The coffee house

Paddy field

Dinding river

At our stopover on the highway, I got my chocolate drink from here, and these guys were very nice and bubbly ,they even posed for my camera

The pool at orient star , even lumut being a small town , Malaysia is filled with nice hotels and resorts, this hotel have the nicest service staffs,and the guy who served us is on his way to become a Geologist, I wish him all the best and may he get to enter that prestigious Uni he applied for.

I was hungry and only ate some fast food , and I am not a fan of fried rice , but when this came my whole perception about fried rice changed, that was a nice meal indeed.(I should really put on some make-up)

Beautiful tree by the sea

I LOVE em' fried rice

At a pub and restaurant near our hotel

At an Italian restaurant with the staffs whom are from Myanmar and Indonesia.. I promised to go back see them soon.

Old shop houses , reminds me of the good old days.

Lumut waterfront

Summer breeze makes me feel fine

A refurbisher's dream


I saw a big lizard on the tree while talking /making friends with the Town council officers

Coconut plantation

A traditional wooden kampung house and a little food stall in front of it, it was in the afternoon and the place was packed , it is like everytime is siesta time and these people...don't they cook at home?

A mosque

Lumut town.

On my way there , I saw many estates and plantations of Palm ( we are the biggest producer of Palm oil in the world), rubber(among the biggest producer) , mangoes, bananas and tapioca, reminded me of the visits to my parent's goodfriend whom were an Estate Manager in the 80's .The additional beautiful landscape of rivers,mangroves and villages made me realized that life is beautiful, and I am very lucky to be alive till today.

The short break is something that I need,I spent few years of my life living in this state in the Mid Northern Malaysia. I hopped on the interstate bus and despite making few friends and amused by many characters on the bus, I have decided not to do it again as it is making my body ache.I did not get myself to the Pangkor island as I found the weather were too hot for me ,I think it was almost 40 degrees celcius and we are talking burning hot here. If I were to continue to be in this temperature ,no doubt my Lupus outbreak will soon emerge but I have to say I really had a GREAT time in Lumut despite not going to the island, Lumut have plenty to offer . I will go again in few weeks time and will go to the Island as well.My true objective of going there is to get some little work stuff sorted, So it's like killing 2 birds with one stone.I have to say that The fried rice at the Orient Star is among the nicest I've had for ages , or maybe it was because I was pretty hungry.Lumut is filled with nice friendly people and navy officers allover.I think I can live here , despite no nice shopping mall in the area.
The rural side of Malaysia are the nicest, I enjoy the view of the Kampungs(villages) and I found everything is so laid traffic jam and I love the idea of planting my own vegetables fruits and herbs in my huge backyard.
Because I have already make plenty of new friends now in Lumut,I have to go back there again real soon.But for now I have to make do with the memories of the quaint little town.

Lumut from wikipedia
Lumut is a small town (population 31,880) in the state of Perak, Malaysia, situated about 84 km south of Ipoh, 2 km from the town of Sitiawan and it is the gateway to Pangkor Island. It is a quaint little town famous for its beautiful seashell and coral handicrafts. This once little-known fishing town has since become the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Lumut in Malay means moss, lichen, or seaweed. In its early days, the beach is said to be rich in moss, so the local people called it Lumut. Lumut jetty now is the staging-off point to various beautiful offshore islands, including Pangkor Island.

I am still tired from that 4 hour journey, I need to go lie down and get some rest I have to go to my friend's party a bit later ... need to recharge.x

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Love,hope ... ME

I got really tired of this place.As I had mentioned few times I really am bored of this City .Same route , same pretentiousness of its people.Whenever I'm stuck in the traffic all that I see are frowns and people with depressed , stressed face.Kuala Lumpur never give me any pleasant memories, only regrets.
I want to wake up to beautiful smell of spring,uhmm... since I am now living in a tropical country let me rephrase that -I WANT TO WAKE UP TO SEA BREEZE AND SMELL OF THE OCEAN.
So I said this morning... lets go for a short break!yes! I am off to "Fantasy island" tomorrow and will let you know how I feel once I got back ,Imagine me , my shades , just chillin.I can't say under the sun because I have Lupus and I can't be exposed to the sun. So just me , my shades , sitting indoor and maybe come out later during sunset.
When I was in Tioman, my last Island holiday,I had a great time , I love the simplicity of it.I love the crystal clear water and feeding those beautiful fish and people with their smiles.

See you real soon and take care of yourself while I'm gone. xoxo

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Sakit kepala, Atama ga itai, J'ai mal à la tête...
Yup, I have got a headache and maybe sitting too much in front of this addictive device called computer is not a good idea.Lately, I have been having this addiction with caffeine too , its either tea or coffee ,seldom of my favourite Horlicks or even Chocolate that contains less of that stimulant, that could be WHY...

As I had mentioned in my older post ,people with LUPUS should really cut down if not at all their caffeine intake as it is thinning our bones, and thats what we called osteoporosis, of course the picture of me at 35 years old and having to go for my bone scan and all gave me that worries ,as if I don't have enough illness and pain.Just like other human being I have dreams too and having to add more medications and more disease is definitely not in my future plans.I want to be happy and have a good life too.
Few of my friends who has lupus have also experiences migraines, that might be the result of disturbed transmitter (serotonin) in the brain and minor headaches . I only got it like today and it has start to bother me , enough with the aching and swelling knees , the stabbing pain on my lung,bones and the fever at night.

Enough of my daily aspirins ,I am not taking too many of it , therefore I might stick to my natural remedy , I think I' ve told like everyone I met on how I have found this magical cure for minor headache of mine(and how some of these people yawn or said "yeah you told me many times") ...Lavender oil ! eureka!, when I was abroad my mum would often reminded me to keep a bottle , just to dab it on a cotton wool and smear on my pillow or put it underneath .The purple flowered plant ...not only that it looks beautiful but It smells nice and useful ,I plant some of them too in England(I wonder how my plants are doing now? ) and keep the dried ones in my clothes drawer.
I think there will be no more coffee or tea for me starting tomorrow just like how I have stopped eating meat since a week ago.
It getting late I'm just gonna sit in the my Lavender scented bath to relieve this pain and hopefully I won't fall asleep in it.
This one is for alternative medicines... you rock !

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Things my friend e- mailed to me


Adventurous.....................Slept with all your friends
Athletic............................No boobs
Average looking.................Ugly
Beautiful...........................Pathological liar
Contagious Smile................Does a lot of pills
Emotionally secure..............On medication
Free spirit..........................Junkie
Friendship first...................Former slut
New Age...........................Body hair in the wrong places
Outgoing...........................Loud and Embarrassing
Passionate........................Sloppy drunk
Voluptuous........................Very Fat
Large frame.......................Hugely Fat
Wants Soul mate................Stalker


1. Yes = No
2. No = Yes
3. Maybe = No
4. We need = I want
5. I am sorry = you'll be sorry
6. We need to talk = you're in trouble
7. Sure, go ahead = you better not
8. Do what you want = you will pay for this later
9. I am not upset = of course I am upset, you moron!
10. You're very attentive tonight = is sex all you ever think about?


1. I am hungry = I am hungry
2. I am sleepy = I am sleepy
3. I am tired = I am tired
4. Nice dress = Nice cleavage!
5. I love you = let's have sex now
6. I am bored = Do you want to have sex?
7. May I have this dance? = I'd like to have sex with you
8. Can I call you sometime? = I'd like to have sex with you
9. Do you want to go to a movie? = I'd like to have sex with you
10. Can I take you out to dinner? = I'd like to have sex with you
11. Those shoes don't go with that outfit = I'm gay

And finally.....

A recent scientific study found that women find different male faces attractive depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle.
For example, when a woman is ovulating she will prefer a man with rugged, masculine features.
However when she is menstruating, she prefers a man doused in petrol and set on fire, with scissors stuck in his eye and a cricket stump shoved up his backside.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Looks can be deceiving

Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

Should one cry or laugh?

here is the story, I've known J(a girl) and K(a guy) forever, they were made for each other , but J and K can't see that , they were always fighting and have thousands of disagreements.
When you are in a relationship, sometimes its gone all hot when you meet up for breakfast , lunch and dinner and supper and movies and go to the gym together and sometimes its all cold and sometimes its all yelling and screaming at each other but most above all of the temperature of your relationship, you have to ask yourself if you want to be with him/her .It's the "take- it- or- leave -it" rules that my mum had told me , my mum being a practical and simple woman she is , told me that I will never meet my perfect dream guy ,if I want to, I can get a playdoh and create one and I would still complain because my playdoh man could not talk.It's about accepting ones flaws and good sides,and when you can embrace that persons good and bad sides , you know that you are smitten, head over heels.

Women are into materials and demanding and men are selfish and irresponsible.
Same applies to this friends of mine , after a while of being together they had decided to go separate ways , its due to the stupidity of Mr K that often complaint about Miss J's outfit and how she is not well groomed.I don't know why he did it , but I think he constantly complaint about the bingo wings(fat arms) and the fat thigh and things like that... well some women are well built and not all are Kate Moss's size and besides... you are not George Clooney either.I think that was real mean , to do that to someone you claimed you love, she became like that due to the asthma medicine that she is on, so cut long story short , they broke up even though I think she is still in love with him.
After a week Mr K, I should really call him Mr B (you know stands for what)I bumped into him at a club and he was with this gorgeous girl with her long straight hair and porcelain smooth tanned skin and she was really thin and tall as well.because everyone was looking at her , he was like pulling his collar up and behaving like Al Pacino in Godfather whispering to her ears and playing with her hair,He knew that I saw him but I think he enjoyed that attention and jealousy from the watchers.I think I met this girl before her face looked so familiar , but I don't dare to ask , I don't want them to think that I want to join the spotlight or the cool'crowd .Now I know why everyone was whispering , and why I thought I know this gorgeous girl...yesterday ,I have come to know and this come not only from one mouth but many , many mouths Mr K's companion Miss C, was a guy(!).

Pride and no prejudice
I have nothing personal against people who had made their own choice in life namely like transsexuals and things , neither any prejudice nor negative sentiments,I chose not to interfere with ones choice as it is none of my business , but I am sure that Mr K ain't that type of guy who goes for another guy , he is a heterosexuals and always thirsty for girls, unless he didn't know.

I will survive
Now I know why In these few days , Miss J had been receiving phone calls from him again , she knew all about it and she was among the people who told me this story. She said she do not want to go out with him , and they will never be together ever again, full stop.

As for me , I think she made the right choice , If he can insult you now, over your looks ,just imagine what he could have done next?

You're a doll

For guys , just double check when you find a Malay or Asian exotic girl with a western last name, especially if she looks too perfect to be true .Unless it your kinda thing, don't say you never been warned!But in this Mr K's case, it serves him right, physical looks are creations of god and who are you to make ridiculous comments about them , everyone is beautiful ... don't you think?Whats with this skinny , long hair , porcelain white skin rules that guys have? I'm gonna write about whitening creams real soon in respond to one shallow person's comment about Malay girls and why we buy whitening creams.

Lastly, I have to also let you know , now I remember where I met Miss C , we used to work together, many years ago during my summer holiday and I decided to take up a job here, but at the time Miss C was still a guy and gay.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

From Kuala Lumpur with Love

It had been a while since I read the thought of this very talented chef whom I envy .The author of Chefs Gone Wild, Zen Chef, He is still on holiday and I hope that he is having a great time.if only I can tell this friend of mine how much I miss his dishes (and hell! ths guy can really cook) his beautiful pictures and his sense of humour.
On the other note , my blog friend from south Africa... jesse, decided to take it slow blogging wise, at this moment, I hope that she will come back soon and continues with her stories, and poems.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

friends forever

I know my face has started to look like these scones I am munching, I made it for our afternoon tea.I love scones especially when its eaten with clotted cream or jam.Also, before that my mummy made us some fish head curry and let me remind you that my mum hailed from the North so by now ,you should know what her curry is like!I had been eating a lot lately with all this food tasting we are doing , I had promised myself to do some cardio workout starting tomorrow depending on my knee condition.

Ehm, ehem , I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my beloved friend whom I met here ,in blogsphere(is the term correct?) and she is such a darling, Ciliqueen check out her life in Brunei,it is filled with colourful events and she is surrounded by sweet people.It would be nice to meet her one day.Thank you ciliqueen ,I was literally in tears just now , surprised when I read the dedication , so sweet of you .Once again Thank you for your prayers, sweet words and motivation and CQ let me know when you will be in KL the next time ,so we shall meet up and go for a meal or something xxxxx

I am currently in pain now so I need to go apply some ointment on my rib.See you guys later.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

How to treat chronic disease patients...our way

This is my first time participating in anything that Persatuan SLE Malaysia(Malaysia Lupus Association)organise and I don't feel like going again .The reason why I did go was because I wanted to interact with people who has the same disease as mine in Malaysia in particular.I achieved that.

The launch of World Lupus Day was held at 1 utama shopping centre (a huge shopping centre in the suburb ), the weather just now was boiling hot and I was among the earliest to arrive , I got my Nikon umbrella as a welcome gift and Nikon did a great job sponsoring goodies and cameras for this event.Before this , they held a photography competition that's open tothe public and I , A Lupus patient who joined as member only got to know about this 2 days before the closing date , not that I want the First Prized brand new SLR camera, but it would be nice if I could participate and I know I am not the only one who thinks like this.

But whats with committee members and staffs rushing to answer every question during the quiz segment? that's a bit strange to me, but nevermind... They all have Lupus too.

OK ... after the first part of the event that consist of quiz time with goodies such as T-shirts , hats etc, talks by rheumatologists and nephrologist and Q&A session which started at 10 (plus),finally there was a lunch break and I , my mum and brother went for our lunch break and I wanted to come back to the place of the event which happened to be really a tiny space by the balcony of the shopping centre's second wing.The other friends with Lupus whom I just met left.Now I know why they left...

The second part of the programme,I was invited when I did my RSVP ,to stay till the end of the event, just for you to know the second part is when the Minister of health arrives and do his speech and cutting of cakes and reading of the proclamation.

When we got back from our lunch break at a nearby cafe, we had realized that the seats are all taken and the space had been lined with the rope thingy'(I forgot the terms ok don't laugh!)why? because they are all the press and now it is the time for press conference . Some patients had to stand now , excuse me , who have Lupus now? I asked and was told that they are no place for me to seat and all of those are designated for the media .I do not want to be in this messy event , I do not expect to be treated like a princess and so does the other patients , but if you want to invite us , do not throw us away half way.I hope the committee members who by the way wanted us-patients to donate to the Association by bringing this little piggy bank had fun meeting the Minister and doing all the diva stuff.Not that I am jealous but I just do not like the concept of organising something and wanting to have my names written all over .Therefore I left and had pizza before I left(I'm stuffed till now)
If I claimed myself as someone so angelic and formed a support group or an association ,especially the one that deals with chronic disease,I would do it with a clean heart and not to have my face all over the newspaper with headline that's says/implies-"This is a good human being", and later nominate myself for a "Datukship"*.

Maybe I am slightly upset because I feel that its not right, I would not invite my guest to come and when she goes to the toilet I take the chair she sat on and give it to journalist friend of mine.Not cool isn't it.

But , but but,
I think the doctors did a great job (no complains) and I am so pleased to have known many friends who have the same disease like mine, some even invite me to go out for lunch and stuff.yes , we shall meet up real soon and I have so much confidence that we all will fight this together!

The next time, please let me know earlier if I am not invited for the second set of the event.
Lets just put a note on the event programme next time, tell me to which one can I be presence and which one you prefer to be in the spotlight without me .I should've listened to my Rheumy , Dr KK HO that I don't need to participate in any of these it would only bring me sadness.

* Datuk is a Federal title ,an award given by The King.

Friday, 9 May 2008

I realized that...

Love has an expiry date
sometimes no matter how hard you try , if the person is not meant for you , there is no amount of love, affection or cards could guarantee the relationship would last.It could start flamin'hot but after a while it can turn veeeryy cold, it turns into ice and later melt.

It takes two to tango
In relationship both have to feel the same , both have to want to be with each other and have the same idea on where the relationship is heading to and what are the things that they loves to do.It goes back to love has an expiry date ,failure happens when one of the two refuse to have his/her meal on the same plate every day maybe he or she want to try different dishes on different plates.

Out of sight out of mind
I once received a cardfrom an old friend that says "when you are out of my sight ,I am out of my mine" with a picture of a drunk teddy bear on it.But I think the truth should sound like this -"when you are out of my sight ...I was out of my mind for two days, but after that I totally forgot about you and your existence".

Men are as complicated as women
except for they don't get provoked with "are you having your period" line
I hate to explain this because we are so equal at being complicated and bitchy ,only men can also be heartless while being at that.

You HAVE to bounce back
life is not easy and it is not all fairy tale , I wish my life is smoother with less bumpy road ,I don't need to witness and feel all the cruelty , injustice, unfairness and poverty that revolves around me.I wish I am a millionaire writer and live on a small island where everyone says hello and smile at each other, where vegetables and sweet scented jasmine and magnolia grows wild in my backyard and on that island everyone loves each other and recycle.But it is NOT ,I have a fair share of pain and grief.But I have no other choice than bouncing back , walk forward and ignore those cruel hands and strong wind trying to make me fall.

Enjoy it while it last .
nothing last forever , friendship , relationship, happy times, shopping malls, ice creams, good movies ,LIFE,... nothing lasts forever ,so when you are in that circle of moments its best to 100%enjoy it , embrace it .. well , make the most of it.

Watch comedies when you are sad or ill.
when I was literally paralysed ,I had ice cream in bed and watch my favourite sitcoms King of queens, everybody loves raymond,2 and a half men.Laughing healed some pain of mine, maybe I should watch them more often.

It not about you, you and youThere are many factors and people who makes you the person you are and sometimes you have to sacrifice for those you love ,in order to make them happy.Thats reality its not about Me all the time.

Never ever love another person thats not your parents or siblings with all of your heart, It's dangerous! enough said

I am not saying that my lupus will cure because my doctor will get upset by my over confidence, but until they find a cure ,until my immune say,"hey im going back to the normal direction and won't go attack your body cells again" I won't let this disease, stop me from reaching my goal in life and making me sad like I was .I want to breath and smell the sweetest of air , I want to love and do what I love and I want to live!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Pizza and Pranks

As usual , my pictures are not always relevant to my writings .

I have a good news to tell you guys drum roll "Absolute Gourmet's frozen pizza is launched!! yay!! I feel so ,so happy and I am very pleased with the products and will post some pictures soon on the other blog of mine.of course the frozen food range will expand with time , I have like thousands , well hundreds is more like it ,ideas for the next frozen food range.A very wise person once said to me
you walk before you can run, yes I know this ,but I think there is nothing wrong with to dream of running while you still crawling.

I have to let you know also that lately I've been disturbed with prank calls , you know people who are stupid and wants to know what I'm doing, so they decided to disturb me by calling and asking about my food products , If you want to know the updates about my personal life , come into this blog and while you are at it click on the left ads alright , don't do all this prank call bullshit.You know who you are.I am here to stay in KL because this is the city I was born and If you want to continue disturbing my life, answer it to the authority.You are very sick , keep your craziness to yourself and do something constructive and positive to fill your time and life.Before I left for England again few years go , these are the kind of phone calls that i get on my mobile and they are usually a private call that i don't know the ID , calling me from a Chinese seafood restaurant and community centre when I call back you left but little that you know they had also describe the person who used that phone lasts .Why are you playing games with me? , what trick are playing now? don't trap me into this.Right now I'm going to leave that to that,don't do that again as I can't tolerate it anymore.

I have got to make a move now , with this new products of mine , It keeps me very busy and I have like tonnes of things to do.

Absolute Gourmet's pizza series ...coming to the grocers near you!

Monday, 5 May 2008

No meat challenge

I feel terrible today , one thing led to another , my tired o meter has gone to the peak of the radar,I am officially knees are aching and my head is spinning and there is nothing that I can do other than incresing the intake of my steroid.have i also told you that I had been coughing too?
I know even I sometimes got sick of listening to my sickness story, and tired of being angry but as Malaysian always say ,"What to do?"- Lupus found me and I hate lupus.
Speaking of Lupus , May is the Lupus awareness months and if anyone does not know about Lupus , please have a look at my "dearest friends" column on the bottom right (you won't miss them)and click on Lupus foundation or simply do a search on wiki , knowledge might safe life.

I need to eat healthy as well therefore my mum just made me some soup,like broth with lots of vegetables in them , I know I did it before ,when I was 17 and how it had changed my life and body shape(I was on the chubbier side when i was a teenager).
I think , well I said I THINK ,I might opt for eating just vegetables again.I want to try stopping on red meat first and later poultry .But the thing is , I really enjoy eating grilled chicken , grilled spring chicken,chicken curry and kentucky Fried chicken(yes I love KFC a lot, that some even call me Azura sanders'), and I love fish, can I ever be a lacto ovo vegetarian?can I just live my life eating milk , vegetables,honey and eggs ?oh man! I freakin love fish , I can eat fish everyday cook them any style and I can finish it,and also all those lobsters and clams and mussels? steamed seabass,teriyaki salmon, mussels mariniere ,nyum nyum.

I really need to think about this hard, if I can ever make that commitment at least for two months as It had make me feel great back then , it might make me feel great again,just like going to a boot camp .
Enough of my mumblings ,I want to go and get some rest and maybe think about other things such as work.Maybe later, I might go to KFC and have that finger lickin good chicken.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Tagging along

Been tagged again .. ha ha this time by a friend of mine Miss Jo leen(thank you for bringing my bowl back , so kind of you,mille mercis! )pretending that I am 18 again , with lollipop in my mouth and all focus in front of my computer listening to Justin Timberlake,I am doing this instead of working.I hope that I am doing this correctly.

2.a diamond ring
3.A Mercedes 350 SL 1979 I can be asucker for vintage (old) cars
4.A home in Miami of them.

But then again... these are all the material things and it can never satisfy any human, the best gift anyone can ever give me , is LOVE full stop.Like loving me with all of your heart THAT would be the bestest gift ever!


1.she smiles a lot
2.She is cute
3.She is polite
4.She got great parents
5.She is smart

Being my friend

Your bowl!


I don't really wish to know how my friends feel about me. But dear friends, you are more than welcome to tell me that you love me , and I love you too.

I can't do the rest of it as It is not relevant anymore now ha ha...

I am off to get some of my beauty nap or maybe some work.