Wednesday, 28 May 2008

You drive me crazy

First and foremost, thank you for those who had been asking me on when I would update my blog. I don't feel too well at the moment and guys, it's only been days!It's nice to know that some of you > nice people are thinking of me.
Lately, I had also been receiving few enquiries of people wanting to get to know me,Thank you for your kind interest .

My entry this time is a wacky one because I want to touch the subject of craziness and absurdness.It is not that" you- go- to-a -party- with -friends- and- go- crazy- kind of- crazy." This is annoying crazy.I had faced many and trust me- MANY craziness that interrupted my life that there were times when I have to get The Police involve.

Few days ago, I was out to get ingredients for my cooking and a guy from a group of 3 in a coffee shop shouted at me while I was walking from my car to the shop. I was with my mother.I have come to know from female passersby that these boys shouted for no reason to girls who passed by and this is everyday , even to the college girls who studies in the building or the school girls from the nearby all girls school where this coffee shop is located.

Weeks earlier, I was at my regular market where I got my raw materials from , and let me tell you this market has got the freshest of vegetables being brought in and they buy straight from the farmers. One day one of their male customers decided to follow me allover the market and came near me while mumbling something like he is putting a spell of black magic on me or something..He followed me and hide behind the isle and doing all this creepy suspicious antics, even while I was paying he stood up in front of me and stared .

The last one that I manage to capture amongst all of the wackiness I had encountered-
this guy decided to park his car on the yellow line and when Police gave him a parking ticket he still insisted to park there , he ended up having 5 summons sitting on his windscreen and a tow truck waited for him , it was just outside KFC Bukit Bintang and this dude has no respect whatsoever towards the authority and decided to come out from the car and stood by it while staring at the police.

I had a chat the other day with a Policemen and he said that lately they are many crimes committed by people who are not mentally stable, difficulties in securing a job , the price rise of almost everything, financial difficulties these all led to unhealthy mental health.
No wonder lately , I always see messages from the Ministry of health on TV on how to cope with stress and depression.



AeRiN cRyBaBy said...

zura...yang gambar 3 orang tu ker yang zura maksudkan?
hehehehe...anyway amalkan ayat 4 qul...insyaallah...terhindar dari niat jahat seseorang...take care...

ainul hezrin.

CiliQueen said...

Hi sweetie...yup becareful with people on the roads or any public places...can never know what they are up to...


A Z R A said...

babe, be careful, be extra careful coz nowadays with the price hike and all, people are getting desperate, and hey, the world is full of loonies take good care now eh...xoxo