Sunday, 11 May 2008

friends forever

I know my face has started to look like these scones I am munching, I made it for our afternoon tea.I love scones especially when its eaten with clotted cream or jam.Also, before that my mummy made us some fish head curry and let me remind you that my mum hailed from the North so by now ,you should know what her curry is like!I had been eating a lot lately with all this food tasting we are doing , I had promised myself to do some cardio workout starting tomorrow depending on my knee condition.

Ehm, ehem , I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my beloved friend whom I met here ,in blogsphere(is the term correct?) and she is such a darling, Ciliqueen check out her life in Brunei,it is filled with colourful events and she is surrounded by sweet people.It would be nice to meet her one day.Thank you ciliqueen ,I was literally in tears just now , surprised when I read the dedication , so sweet of you .Once again Thank you for your prayers, sweet words and motivation and CQ let me know when you will be in KL the next time ,so we shall meet up and go for a meal or something xxxxx

I am currently in pain now so I need to go apply some ointment on my rib.See you guys later.


waliz said...

eventhough i cant help u atleast to rub the ointment i will pray for your wellness from far...

CiliQueen said...

Ohh now you are making me cry ..Thank you sweetie ..and yeah we will meet some day in KL..takecare xoxoxo

AzAzura said...

awww thanks waliz.xo

Yes we shall,but bring some kleenex for you and me! xoxo