Pizza and Pranks

As usual , my pictures are not always relevant to my writings .

I have a good news to tell you guys drum roll "Absolute Gourmet's frozen pizza is launched!! yay!! I feel so ,so happy and I am very pleased with the products and will post some pictures soon on the other blog of mine.of course the frozen food range will expand with time , I have like thousands , well hundreds is more like it ,ideas for the next frozen food range.A very wise person once said to me
you walk before you can run, yes I know this ,but I think there is nothing wrong with to dream of running while you still crawling.

I have to let you know also that lately I've been disturbed with prank calls , you know people who are stupid and wants to know what I'm doing, so they decided to disturb me by calling and asking about my food products , If you want to know the updates about my personal life , come into this blog and while you are at it click on the left ads alright , don't do all this prank call bullshit.You know who you are.I am here to stay in KL because this is the city I was born and If you want to continue disturbing my life, answer it to the authority.You are very sick , keep your craziness to yourself and do something constructive and positive to fill your time and life.Before I left for England again few years go , these are the kind of phone calls that i get on my mobile and they are usually a private call that i don't know the ID , calling me from a Chinese seafood restaurant and community centre when I call back you left but little that you know they had also describe the person who used that phone lasts .Why are you playing games with me? , what trick are playing now? don't trap me into this.Right now I'm going to leave that to that,don't do that again as I can't tolerate it anymore.

I have got to make a move now , with this new products of mine , It keeps me very busy and I have like tonnes of things to do.

Absolute Gourmet's pizza series ...coming to the grocers near you!


waliz said…
some people really test out our nerves..take care azazura...
CiliQueen said…
Stay positive always..i know its eay said than done...but it's best not to let the negative tkaes to ur head dear...hmmm shud try those pizzas of urs ...takecare
AzAzura said…
waliz... yes im turning green now -incredible hulky azura xoxo

cili -there is no way to go except for positive , thanks dear xoxo