Looks can be deceiving

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Should one cry or laugh?

here is the story, I've known J(a girl) and K(a guy) forever, they were made for each other , but J and K can't see that , they were always fighting and have thousands of disagreements.
When you are in a relationship, sometimes its gone all hot when you meet up for breakfast , lunch and dinner and supper and movies and go to the gym together and sometimes its all cold and sometimes its all yelling and screaming at each other but most above all of the temperature of your relationship, you have to ask yourself if you want to be with him/her .It's the "take- it- or- leave -it" rules that my mum had told me , my mum being a practical and simple woman she is , told me that I will never meet my perfect dream guy ,if I want to, I can get a playdoh and create one and I would still complain because my playdoh man could not talk.It's about accepting ones flaws and good sides,and when you can embrace that persons good and bad sides , you know that you are smitten, head over heels.

Women are into materials and demanding and men are selfish and irresponsible.
Same applies to this friends of mine , after a while of being together they had decided to go separate ways , its due to the stupidity of Mr K that often complaint about Miss J's outfit and how she is not well groomed.I don't know why he did it , but I think he constantly complaint about the bingo wings(fat arms) and the fat thigh and things like that... well some women are well built and not all are Kate Moss's size and besides... you are not George Clooney either.I think that was real mean , to do that to someone you claimed you love, she became like that due to the asthma medicine that she is on, so cut long story short , they broke up even though I think she is still in love with him.
After a week Mr K, I should really call him Mr B (you know stands for what)I bumped into him at a club and he was with this gorgeous girl with her long straight hair and porcelain smooth tanned skin and she was really thin and tall as well.because everyone was looking at her , he was like pulling his collar up and behaving like Al Pacino in Godfather whispering to her ears and playing with her hair,He knew that I saw him but I think he enjoyed that attention and jealousy from the watchers.I think I met this girl before her face looked so familiar , but I don't dare to ask , I don't want them to think that I want to join the spotlight or the cool'crowd .Now I know why everyone was whispering , and why I thought I know this gorgeous girl...yesterday ,I have come to know and this come not only from one mouth but many , many mouths Mr K's companion Miss C, was a guy(!).

Pride and no prejudice
I have nothing personal against people who had made their own choice in life namely like transsexuals and things , neither any prejudice nor negative sentiments,I chose not to interfere with ones choice as it is none of my business , but I am sure that Mr K ain't that type of guy who goes for another guy , he is a heterosexuals and always thirsty for girls, unless he didn't know.

I will survive
Now I know why In these few days , Miss J had been receiving phone calls from him again , she knew all about it and she was among the people who told me this story. She said she do not want to go out with him , and they will never be together ever again, full stop.

As for me , I think she made the right choice , If he can insult you now, over your looks ,just imagine what he could have done next?

You're a doll

For guys , just double check when you find a Malay or Asian exotic girl with a western last name, especially if she looks too perfect to be true .Unless it your kinda thing, don't say you never been warned!But in this Mr K's case, it serves him right, physical looks are creations of god and who are you to make ridiculous comments about them , everyone is beautiful ... don't you think?Whats with this skinny , long hair , porcelain white skin rules that guys have? I'm gonna write about whitening creams real soon in respond to one shallow person's comment about Malay girls and why we buy whitening creams.

Lastly, I have to also let you know , now I remember where I met Miss C , we used to work together, many years ago during my summer holiday and I decided to take up a job here, but at the time Miss C was still a guy and gay.


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MEN ~ what can i say?