Love,hope ... ME

I got really tired of this place.As I had mentioned few times I really am bored of this City .Same route , same pretentiousness of its people.Whenever I'm stuck in the traffic all that I see are frowns and people with depressed , stressed face.Kuala Lumpur never give me any pleasant memories, only regrets.
I want to wake up to beautiful smell of spring,uhmm... since I am now living in a tropical country let me rephrase that -I WANT TO WAKE UP TO SEA BREEZE AND SMELL OF THE OCEAN.
So I said this morning... lets go for a short break!yes! I am off to "Fantasy island" tomorrow and will let you know how I feel once I got back ,Imagine me , my shades , just chillin.I can't say under the sun because I have Lupus and I can't be exposed to the sun. So just me , my shades , sitting indoor and maybe come out later during sunset.
When I was in Tioman, my last Island holiday,I had a great time , I love the simplicity of it.I love the crystal clear water and feeding those beautiful fish and people with their smiles.

See you real soon and take care of yourself while I'm gone. xoxo


CiliQueen said…
Yeah have a break sweetie..enjoy the sea breeze ...btw Tioman is having mega dive in June hehehe...takecare of yourself xoxo
Anonymous said…
Wow. Lucky you!!
Have a great time and enjoy the sea breeze! We'll miss you. Come back to us refreshed. :-)
waliz said…
have a nice holiday azazura...take care and enjoyyyyy....:D
AeRiN cRyBaBy said…
selamat bercuti...semoga menemui ketenangan dan kesembuhan...insyaallah..

ainul hezrin.