I realized that...

Love has an expiry date
sometimes no matter how hard you try , if the person is not meant for you , there is no amount of love, affection or cards could guarantee the relationship would last.It could start flamin'hot but after a while it can turn veeeryy cold, it turns into ice and later melt.

It takes two to tango
In relationship both have to feel the same , both have to want to be with each other and have the same idea on where the relationship is heading to and what are the things that they loves to do.It goes back to love has an expiry date ,failure happens when one of the two refuse to have his/her meal on the same plate every day maybe he or she want to try different dishes on different plates.

Out of sight out of mind
I once received a cardfrom an old friend that says "when you are out of my sight ,I am out of my mine" with a picture of a drunk teddy bear on it.But I think the truth should sound like this -"when you are out of my sight ...I was out of my mind for two days, but after that I totally forgot about you and your existence".

Men are as complicated as women
except for they don't get provoked with "are you having your period" line
I hate to explain this because we are so equal at being complicated and bitchy ,only men can also be heartless while being at that.

You HAVE to bounce back
life is not easy and it is not all fairy tale , I wish my life is smoother with less bumpy road ,I don't need to witness and feel all the cruelty , injustice, unfairness and poverty that revolves around me.I wish I am a millionaire writer and live on a small island where everyone says hello and smile at each other, where vegetables and sweet scented jasmine and magnolia grows wild in my backyard and on that island everyone loves each other and recycle.But it is NOT ,I have a fair share of pain and grief.But I have no other choice than bouncing back , walk forward and ignore those cruel hands and strong wind trying to make me fall.

Enjoy it while it last .
nothing last forever , friendship , relationship, happy times, shopping malls, ice creams, good movies ,LIFE,... nothing lasts forever ,so when you are in that circle of moments its best to 100%enjoy it , embrace it .. well , make the most of it.

Watch comedies when you are sad or ill.
when I was literally paralysed ,I had ice cream in bed and watch my favourite sitcoms King of queens, everybody loves raymond,2 and a half men.Laughing healed some pain of mine, maybe I should watch them more often.

It not about you, you and youThere are many factors and people who makes you the person you are and sometimes you have to sacrifice for those you love ,in order to make them happy.Thats reality its not about Me all the time.

Never ever love another person thats not your parents or siblings with all of your heart, It's dangerous! enough said

I am not saying that my lupus will cure because my doctor will get upset by my over confidence, but until they find a cure ,until my immune say,"hey im going back to the normal direction and won't go attack your body cells again" I won't let this disease, stop me from reaching my goal in life and making me sad like I was .I want to breath and smell the sweetest of air , I want to love and do what I love and I want to live!


Anonymous said…
Wow, I CHEER your determination and strength...stay encouraged, lady :)!

AzAzura said…
Thank asheselah :)