Tuesday, 13 May 2008

From Kuala Lumpur with Love

It had been a while since I read the thought of this very talented chef whom I envy .The author of Chefs Gone Wild, Zen Chef, He is still on holiday and I hope that he is having a great time.if only I can tell this friend of mine how much I miss his dishes (and hell! ths guy can really cook) his beautiful pictures and his sense of humour.
On the other note , my blog friend from south Africa... jesse, decided to take it slow blogging wise, at this moment, I hope that she will come back soon and continues with her stories, and poems.


JesseTheCat said...

Az...cant wait to read your friends Zen Chefs posts, as you know,I do love to eat good,awesome food.How sweet of you to remember me in your post here...and as for blogging,well,I cant say I am back,but I did write a new post,lol.Better late than never,I always say..
Thanks for your support always,Az...and I am just sending you ALL my hugs and love ( and respect)
yOU rock,big time :)

Vienna said...


thanks for visiting my blogs.

you have some nice stuff here and i'll probably come back to read more next time.


A Z R A said...

hey girl! im sure our dear zen is having a blast!!!

miss his postings though.....

AzAzura said...

jesse, glad that you are back!you rock too babes! xo

please do!

azra! i hope he is too.

Zen Chef said...

Awww, you are so sweet! What did I do to receive so much loving? Thank you, thank you. I'm back! I'm here!! You're way too sweet.. err can I put you in my coffee? I just got a cup of coffee and forgot the sugar but my darling you're a great substitute! Thank you.
The trip was good! I behaved. :-)
Tell your boyfriend to close his eyes now. Ready?
Mwwwwwuuuuaaaahhhhhhh!! ;-)

AzAzura said...

zen chef

He, he welcome home Zen Chef !