Saturday, 31 May 2008

Of fried chicken and illness

She :Hey Az , i think one of my friend knows you
me :Who is it
She :she is called xyz
Me :oh yeah I know , she worked for abcde
She :I asked if she knows you , and she said Az who loves to eat
kentucky Fried Chicken right? and I said yes ,that's the one!
Me :Huh?

I know eating fast food is not good for me ,having Lupus I should not touch any processed food, but some times the temptations of yummy greasy fried chicken is hard to resist and living in the middle of the city centre where every fast food is so near I opt for the easiest choice when I am hungry .It had been two weeks now that I have not been eating meat and the truth is my knees and ankles never hurt like this before.

Looking at how food of KFC being abandoned on the corridor like this in front of KFC Lumut , I don't feel like having the chicken anymore.Looks like some people are not sticking to their service standard.


A Z R A said...

me KFC freak too, and it is not good for me either, but after looking at the pics...isk i dunno.....

waliz said...

erkkkkk....i dont eat KFC much but i love Kenny rogers...hope they dont do like this in the pic...:D

The Singing Patient said...

I have SLE too and have to mind what I eat. i dont ahve a weakness for fried foods, thankfully. my weaknesses are salt, sugar and diet soda. i finally kicked the diet soda habit last fall, hopefully for good this time. it helped to have read a story about how nurtasweetg (aspartame, the stuff in most diet foods) causes *cell death*
every time i am tempted t have a diet coke, i just say to myself "cell death"
seems to be working in helping me resist. sometimes i just have a regular coca-cola, which is not health food, but it's not pure poison either. incidentally when they leave diet soda on the truck or on the curb like KFC and their food, it turns into formaldehyde. oh yeah i need to drink formaldehyde!