Saturday, 17 May 2008


Sakit kepala, Atama ga itai, J'ai mal à la tête...
Yup, I have got a headache and maybe sitting too much in front of this addictive device called computer is not a good idea.Lately, I have been having this addiction with caffeine too , its either tea or coffee ,seldom of my favourite Horlicks or even Chocolate that contains less of that stimulant, that could be WHY...

As I had mentioned in my older post ,people with LUPUS should really cut down if not at all their caffeine intake as it is thinning our bones, and thats what we called osteoporosis, of course the picture of me at 35 years old and having to go for my bone scan and all gave me that worries ,as if I don't have enough illness and pain.Just like other human being I have dreams too and having to add more medications and more disease is definitely not in my future plans.I want to be happy and have a good life too.
Few of my friends who has lupus have also experiences migraines, that might be the result of disturbed transmitter (serotonin) in the brain and minor headaches . I only got it like today and it has start to bother me , enough with the aching and swelling knees , the stabbing pain on my lung,bones and the fever at night.

Enough of my daily aspirins ,I am not taking too many of it , therefore I might stick to my natural remedy , I think I' ve told like everyone I met on how I have found this magical cure for minor headache of mine(and how some of these people yawn or said "yeah you told me many times") ...Lavender oil ! eureka!, when I was abroad my mum would often reminded me to keep a bottle , just to dab it on a cotton wool and smear on my pillow or put it underneath .The purple flowered plant ...not only that it looks beautiful but It smells nice and useful ,I plant some of them too in England(I wonder how my plants are doing now? ) and keep the dried ones in my clothes drawer.
I think there will be no more coffee or tea for me starting tomorrow just like how I have stopped eating meat since a week ago.
It getting late I'm just gonna sit in the my Lavender scented bath to relieve this pain and hopefully I won't fall asleep in it.
This one is for alternative medicines... you rock !


Zen Chef said...

Hang in there strong Azura. You'll be okay. I have a lot of faith in alternative medecine. I'm glad the lavender is helping. I grew up with lavender all around as a kid, there's a lot in south of France. I love it.

Have you explored Chinese natural remedies? I've heard some amazing things about them. Do you believe in healers?

AzAzura said...

oh yea... you gre up in Southern France! i was supposed to do an aromatherapy course a year ago and spend 2 weeks in the Provence.
i ve tried many things... but it doesn't work :(
So sweet of you xo

cinta hatiku said...

haaa...tu laaaa...alternative i said before..

A Z R A said...

hello girl, hang in there now, i didnt know Lavender can do that? i've heard of it, but never tried it...hmmmm maybe i should.......

well, i know Lavender scented candles, Lavender smelling wardrobe freshener...:P etc etc etc,

now where can i find Lavender seeds eh? i wanna plant it!

take good care!!! xo

waliz said...

i'm sooo jealous hearing u planted lavender in i wish we could do that too in far i planted misai kucing and it was successful..the prob is i dnt know wht to do wth it...hahaha...

azazura..i know it is easy to say..but u r doing great...dont worry...and i wannna try ths lavender too...always got headcahe nowadays esp on hot days...

AzAzura said...

yeah lavender is my thing " and so does eucalyptus and ylang ylang
I used the body oil and it works for minor headaches of mine.

AzAzura said...

Thanks waliz, alahai don't be jealous i dont know whats goin on with my garden at the mo as I am here for a while already.

Liudmila said...

I passed all my life with headaches and spine pains in hospitals and thermal cures. About 8 years ago I discovered yoga, buddhist/bon practices and hard analyzis of what I eat, of behaviour problems -myself without psychologists.
Today I'm pratically healthy. I forgot tabs and injections. Mostly.

AeRiN cRyBaBy said...
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Sindhu said...

Dear Az:

Thank you for stopping by and posting good comments in my blog.

I wish by now, you should have got relieved of your pain after using lavender.

Take good care!

You really are great and your blog too!

Do write to me via my contact mailid in my blog, if you feel so, at any time.

Will sure get back to you & your blog

God bless

AzAzura said...

good for you!

my pleasure :0)

AzAzura said...

Hi cinta hatiku ,
lupus is a chronic immune disease, and I think you wasn't reading my full post,alternative medication might work for minor symptoms but for someone who is taking risks like Lupus patients we should ONLY listen to the rheumatologists a speacialists advice.Because no pawang would take responsibility over the defeat of people like me.