Friday, 29 February 2008

Its getting late and I can't sleep .Mixture of joy , tired and sadness ermm... maybe slight loneliness (very tiny little bit, because there are no sounds of honks and construction works at this time)
On the other note, I had been tagged by two blogger friends of mine ,so finally this morning I know how to create a link on my postings :o).

First from Julie,
She wants me to... in her own words ...I have already posted this award on the side of my blog in the official "award" place. Here are the rules for the award:

1. Write a post with links to five blogs that make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
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4. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs or emailing them the news.

So I am passing this award on to:

1.Zen Chef
2. Azra
4. Saxyphone
5. Michelle

I hope that I am doing this right... have I? anyway these people and you(yes, YOU!) makes my day... Either or not they will be doing this tag, I just want them to know that they means so, so much to me .I wish I can list all the blogs that had make my day trust me it can reach a hundred. Need to jump into bed now , early morning again,Oh gosh... work sucks ,holiday is good. BTW ,I had a nice buffet lunch at The Equatorial Kuala Lumpur today and it was splendid, they are currently having seafood galore promo and I lost count on how many freshly shucked oysters I had, Its like a barbecue by the beach

Second tagging is Jesse's and will do it in a bit..I'll be BACK (very soon)
See you tomorrow and nighty night.

Monday, 25 February 2008

No complain(just nags)

"Its not about the lamb cutlets or its sweet chilli jam , Its about me, me ,me and how I feel at this moment and thats all that matters! arrghhh!!!- A very selfish Azura


Am I tired? Yes I am , have I found everything happens too fast .. Yes indeed , am I stressed out? oh hell, yeah ! Do I feel like I am not going to India for New year because I will be taking care of Absolute Gourmet? I am starting to weep now.

It happened too fast and now I can't turn back , as much as I like sitting down here at home and doing my little thing I am also a greedy person and my brain often thinks big ... like world domination one second and living in a small island or town being nobody the next second.Its Sunday and yet I have plenty of things to do before my official opening day.I have so many things to sort out next week and I think I am back to where I was 3 years ago.No party , just thinking and working and meeting people ,spending money on my business and having fever and joints pain(that was before Lupus)

So I asked myself (uhhmm its more like my alter ego...) 'Hi Miss spoilt little annoying princess,Make up your mind! What do you want to do now? do you want to be an artists who paints and write books and live a boho lifestyle or you want to be the Malaysian Martha Steward?, who are you really? and please make up your mind quick because you are getting older...'
But the answer is always ... 'hey miss "know -it- all" I take one day as it comes and this is where my fate has brought me to.I have less time to check on my dearest friends blog.. although I have to say I miss you guys so much and I wish that you guys would come to Kuala lumpur and be my neighbour therefore I can like knock on your door to say hi before I head to my cafe...
I miss my laid back world but I need to move on.This was what had been written in the sky for me and I am glad that I like my current job , I love food and even dream about them often.Yup, It was never wearing Armani to courtroom or driving fancy car.It's always food.
I need to go now, I have not been sleeping well and I was out and about the whole day, I have to wash my hair with my favourite shampoo and go to bed.Big kiss to all of you mwah mwah mwah.
I think I had too much coffee.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I wish I am better with tools

I think the plumbers and contractors worldwide have united to go against us consumers or is it just me? When some one I knew wanted to go and take a plumbing course, I understand his pain, I had variety of antics from plumbers from the one that use my mother’s rosewood bench as a ladder to the one that was about to charge me a thousand ringgit just to change the pump to my newly opened café, its really funny because when I came to inspect this place before signing the agreement, the toilets were perfect for a little café
It flushed well, it was clean and suddenly yesterday everything went kaphoot” both the gents and ladies have problems of their own.
I was like arrghh not today! When I had trouble sleeping and was so tired buying things for this place.
I am happy to have open a place of my own but just like my previous shop which was a nightmare renovating and having it restored…as it was a pre war building. This business of renovating and getting gadgets fully working has start to piss**d me off.
And when I’m speaking to these contactors and plumbers, I have to put my voice in full volume since they cant hear well.I have to be firm because they think they are better than me , a women and I have to be thrifty because I know I don’t have’ t pay thousands just to get my flushed changed.
While im waiting for the guy who did maintenance work in my flat to arrive ,I am writing this, hoping that he won’t charge me a lot and played me for a fool.
I might as well go learn how to do plumbing and make extra bucks after this. Sigh…

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Welcoming the brand new day

I know I should update by today , I will soon those tagging by Julie and Jesse , I apologise for not doing it sooner as I had been very busy and I don't know how to insert links on an entry(If only anyone could give me a clue)and I need at least few hours to play around with this page.
By the way ,thanks for all the well wishers,My cafe will be running next week's Saturday BUT this weekend I have to cater for 2 parties and one running from early till dawn .at this moment I don't know if I can handle it mentally and healthwise.I had been working since 8 today non stop.Goodight everyone will write more in few days to come.. goodnight zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I'm back

Ask me if I had a long day, and the answer would be YES and I need a hug.I am tired but I am happy , I had been doing plate shopping today apart from going to see my pharmacist to get my steroids and order some hydroxychloroquine.
Not that I have not tried anything else ,I had done costume jewellery, Events,Cosmetics import and some few other things, but right now I think Food and Party planning is my thing.I seems to have more luck doing it , I will never say that I am a good cook or a good chef, but preparing , cooking , baking is where I found my joy, it's like having a handsome male bestfriend with a nice body and He loves you too. Well,Eversince that day I left Law school to pursue cooking as a career , eversince I stepped my feet in the cooking school I am a changed person.From the "smart girl" to the "what are you doing girl?" but I love it , I love it ,I love every single inch of it.

Bossy me
And so does being my own boss and doing things my way I love that too.So being a food entrepenuer is definitely the title I should posess.
By the way something that I thought I was doing just for fun had turned into something more serious now unintentionally.It starts with few pastries orders from friends and ex neighbours during my break here in Kuala lumpur lead to something else...ladies and gentlemen ,my cafe will be operating on the 1st of March! I took the lease because most of the things I need is provided by my landlord.Its quite funny ... and you know whats funnier?Some people wants me to cater for one function next week! and another booking in March !Just now after I finished my meeting and got the key for my Little Cafe, I went to get some plates and stuffs I need to set up the place.While we were in the car,I was at the back seat as my mum drove(No! I hate driving despite having a valid and clean driving licence)I looked up the window and I realized that my life is all right,I have great people around me , I have this gorgeous sky smiling at me...
More than 2 years ago a lady I met in my Rheumatologist's clinic told me that I can die of my disease and how lupus kills it patients after torturing them she knew because her sister in law got Lupus.I kept my mouth shut, I shut my eyes at the time ...I was to weak to say too much.but today I know I should have said "hey lady!everyone dies!get into the system!" But most of all... I am alive and I am making the most of it,I won't let this Mr Loopy Lupus stop me from reaching for my dreams, although it slowed me down once, and I am back to basic , its ok I will start from scratch again.

My mum asked me what I was pondering about? and I said , "Mum,... Zura's back! and we both giggled.

Azura's back indeed I have so much doubts and worries but I also have courage and I will work hard,I need prayers from you people so that I won't fall ill and paralyzed again.I know I asked for too much sometimes , but can you guys also pray for my success please?I will keep you guys updated on the cafe and for those in Kuala lumpur ,you will have my invitation when I'll be having a little party there soon!

Monday, 18 February 2008

After my morning medication

I am not well, my knees are aching, if only I can take my knee cap off, treat it and put it back it would be awesome. At this moment there are many things in my mind, I feel like my brain is a juggler , juggling one thought to another.
Last night I was upset , maybe because there are certain things in my life that did not go the way I wanted and how I have lost 3 years in my life when I can use that time to do something constructive such as building my business aggressively and harvest some money to enjoy some luxury. I love achieving something in my life , I like the feeling of doing remarkable things by myself , But I am not competitive, I blame it on the jigsaw puzzles and Lego my parents got me , As a kid I had 12 Barbie dolls but I prefer to play with my Lego to build houses only to realized that I can do better things such as a high rise building next time. In this few years I have been less active and allowed so many negativity coming my way. So that was some of the things I had said in my very angry blog which I don't think I should publish, by the way I cried while I was typing it, and now I am smiling thinking about it .

Anger will only make things even worse, that is not how I want to be remembered. No matter what had happened I am going to look at it as a blessing for me to continue life with more courage. There must be some reasons why Lupus picked me, and I am already seeing it, I was not as ‘ open‘as today , you can find people being rude to me back then and all that I did was kept quiet and observe .People had been silly sometimes towards me , but I played along with their stupidity.

The day you came to stay
Since Lupus came… I am bolder ,I realized who are friends and who are not, I see the world differently now.I hope 2008 would give me lots of courage and plenty of smiles and laughs. It has given me some good signs at the early phase , meeting people who blogs and supports my blog, who shares the same thoughts as I do and supported me too,people who smiles when I’m happy and cry when I’m sad...people whom I hardly know, and that is YOU...

How are you today?
Enjoying a cup of rose tea by the window with soft breeze hitting my face while I’m typing this...everything will be Okay... this pain will go away…, right?Yes it will.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Taxi tales

Throughout my journey in life ,I had been on many taxi and in my home city , where driving could cause you serious heartache and being in a snail motion of traffic jam while taking trains usually cost time and being treated like you're a sardine stuffed in a tin can, taxi is the best option at least for me.
Taxi drivers in Malaysia have to wear white shirts and they have to display their identity card in the car interior. Taxis in Malaysia mostly are Proton, our national car .I met some taxi drivers who are nice and polite like Abang Joe (Abang' is brother in Malay).When I booked him to take me somewhere, I tip him, when friends from abroad came to visit, I got him to take my friends for sightseeing and that's business for him.

But there are numerous times that I had downright scary experience such as taxi driver making eye contact with me on the mirror while licking his lips in a very perverty' manner while giving me a wink and...

A taxi driver who looks like Randy Jackson told me to pay him triple the journey’s price on my way to home, and he said that I look hot like 5 times on that 5 minutes journey, and...

A guy who was like 100 years old told me about his sexual preference, oh where do I stop?!!(rolling my eyes)This is only half of what I had experienced.

What did I do to get this? some might ask but this is typical of what girls in Kuala Lumpur or any cities have to face .Taxi meters being shut, asking for silly amount of money for a short journey and other weirdness. I am reaching out for my sisters and say ,be strong girl! take your pepper spray with you and always inform someone that you are on your way preferably stating the registration number and say it on the phone when you just boarded the taxi. There are also fake taxi drivers, where a guy rob a real taxi driver's car and pretend to be a taxi driver instead,
This is downright scary and numerous rape cases had been reported done by 'fake' taxi drivers.

Dubai taxi drivers... their cars are mostly Toyota's and some hotel's one are Lexus .One night , I boarded from Buddha bar wanting to go to Dubai marina, and the driver were nice at the first place and was joking and all and later he got excited and talk about his religious beliefs and ideology that I think was much better kept to himself , but the main issue was, he started questioning me on various issues and all the questions ended with "I know its none of my business", because I had my men with me ( I won't say anything if I were on my own)..I said to him that its true all those are none of his business and few more inches of preach that shuts him off. I am glad that night at a place called Boudoir I ended up with bumping into 50 cents as in 50cents the rapper, we smiled at each other and I can't stop talking about it till today at least that calms me down ( a bit).

Where I stayed in England, taxi drivers are mostly nice but I am seldom on one too, they would open the door for ladies and take their bags to the doorstep and maybe only once, a taxi driver said to me that he is on Prozac and need me to watch his driving and temper

Nevertheless they are not all are ugly robbers, some are very nice and some are funny .But some of them especially in Kuala Lumpur who often ask for 50 ringgit just from Bukit Bintang to the Hilton which is like 5- 10 minutes journey, I know they work hard and money does not come easy for them but just like any business you are doing, taking care of your customers are essential.Happy customers are repeat customers.

It's Saturday and its grocery shopping day, I am off now and I am not driving (ever in Kuala Lumpur) my mum is. See you all later xoxo

Note for the ladies: Always be alert when you board on a taxi , look at the registration number and if the driver is acting weird , stop at a police station half away or just say you forgot something and wants to get down.Trust your instict when it says the driver is a loony.This is a reminder for me too.

Friday, 15 February 2008

I know what you did last Valentine's day

After my meeting was over,I came back and get change , I went to see my supplier near chinatown and I found my camera stuffed in beloved black chamois bag.

Puduraya bus station one of the busiest spot in Kuala Lumpur , filled with people of all sorts.

I was told those colonial years this was once a post office.

Abandoned police station from the colonial era.

I was at this flower shop and today being Valentine's day ,I've never seen so many men choosing flowers, and bouquets are not cheap.Men of all work backgrounds, ethnicity and shapes got their other halfs flowers just to make their women happy. I was even more touched when this guy got a parking ticket because he had parked on the yellow line in order to buy his girlfriend a bouquet..The things we do for love

China town Kuala Lumpur

These ribbons were displayed in front of the shop where my mum got her crochet stuffs.

Some pretty little plants that were on display

Epitome of loneliness.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Written and eaten at times when I miss you dearly

Its either someone was feeling very hungry or she had too many things in her mind.

roti jala -"fishnet bread "( huh?)direct translation.Roti jala is a Malay crepe made using a special mould/funnel to create the lacy' pattern .I like it served with chicken curry.

Curry mee(Noodles in curryish' gravy)

Nasi lemak (coconut rice )serves with chicken rendang

Grilled Salmon with chips

I am feeling very full at this moment .Goodnight :o)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Just my rants (for today).

I was out until 4.30 a.m this morning, hanging out with my brother , mum and my Uncle .After a late meal we decided to go for a drink , suddenly... there we were having an unplanned mini family get together.

After eating my chicken pasta bake and washing my hair with my favourite shampoo,I am currently preparing some work that I should have done days ago .

I was at The Pavillion earlier today after I got up from my afternoon nap ,Pavilion is located in Bukit Bintang which means Star Hill. Bukit Bintang is a famous commercial district in Kuala Lumpur and my house is not that far from it.

That's the Chinese New Year decoration at The Pavilion.

That's KL Plaza on the right, and Starhill centre on the left, Starhill centre look posh from the outside and the fittings inside are sophisticated too , it housed designer's boutiques like Christian Dior , LV and such ,but everytime I got on the escalators or the glass elevators in the building I almost have acrophobia!scary!it gives me the feeling like I'm on a rope crossing to the other end of a tall building.Nevertheless it has some nice restaurants in there.

This was the reason why I was there at the first place,Ice cream parlour!!

At this moment, I am thinking about the taste of warm Valrhona chocolate pudding, and I am missing someone...

Monday, 11 February 2008

Among what's in my head at this moment- It is 11.53 pm now.

The Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao's assassinations attempt
I think Dili in Timor Leste has some beautiful beaches and If people there are not fighting, I know that tourists will head there the next minute, hence improving the quality of life and opening unlimited new doors to business and income opportunities.Though I do not want to go deeper into political issues, Poverty+social problems=not good for yourself , your family , your future generations
At this moment president Ramos Horta is being treated in Darwin and was reported to be in stable and recovering condition after being shot in the stomach.Luckily Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao escaped the ambush attack.

Malaysia's election day... I am waiting for the dissolution of our Parliament that was rumored to be on the 13th .. or is it not? I don't know .Every five years we Malaysian could see the banners and posters hanging and posted everywhere.So .. 13th of February speculation? MMm... time will answer.

Valentine's day...because everybody is making a big fuss of it,I have to too(rolling my eyes).I will be alone in KL this year , and I will think of last year's valentine's when We went to a place called blueberry and stuffed myself with lush food and really enjoyed that.A year ago me and Claire(my good friend) were among "the happiest girl in the world" walking down Prinny Ave in a cold winter night,I think the title /award would be given to the others this year's Valentine's.Therefore I ...

a)...think I might go to a spa or have a little SPA night on my own at home.
b)...will buy a bag of famous amos cookies and watch a movie at home.
c)...would do my dance workout or yoga video.

For those who had got everything planned for valentine's day, hope you will enjoy the meal, the music and the presents.

Although I might look like someone who does nothing apart from going out to check out new restaurants and strolling down various malls,I actually do have things to do ,paperworks and decisions to make everyday, and right now my head is pretty jammed up, stress and jammed are two words that is also enemies to everyone with or without Lupus.

My knee pain
I am trying to forget it but I can't , I hate to live with it and I have to deal with it.

Sweet dream, sweetheart
I am off to get myself a cup of hot chocolate, put on my purple pyjama and try (hard )to sleep.

P/S:Thank you Azra ,I heart you too, for your recent post, and I hope its not too late to say a very Happy Birthday to my friend , Saxyphone.

Goodnight xxx

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Daddy's girl .... always.

My father died 2 months before my 11th birthday(I shared the same birthday with my dad) and 4 days before my mother's 32nd's birthday. He died of a sudden heart attack, When my college peers back then complained about their grief when their father did not buy them a car for their 18th birthday or when their mum did not allow them to see their puppy love I would look at them blankly, I was told, that does not mean that I don't listen or I was acting lost. I did not know how to react to mini sadness anymore. Because mine usually comes with a bang.

6th of June 1991
I said to myself that night, on our way back home from the hospital, "everything will be all right "(my mother always say that) 'R' my late father's orderly aka bodyguard, our driver and my little brother believed that we will go and pick him up next week and everything will be FINE, in December He will take us to the newly opened Tokyo Disneyland just as he had hinted earlier that year. That night I looked outside the car sliding on the wet road, the darkness of the night and the heavy rain pouring that night failed to wash away my worries at the time. Least that I expected the rain symbolized my mum’s tears the next morning

We went to bed without our mother who stayed with my father in the hospital , I know she did not eat for days, but I was too little to really understand , 'R' tried to make us happy , he made us some French fries .Late that night the phone rang and we were woken up and nobody said anything. I put on my jeans and tucked in my t-shirt, put on my pink cardigan. My brother lied down on car's back seat.
We arrived at the hospital and found my mum outside the Intensive care ward. I remember that night clearly but I won't share every single bit with anyone, because it is too personal and too difficult for me to share. Just enough to say that my father had gone forever. No tears from my eyes, I kept it in my heart , I don't want anybody to know that I am sad, Let me handle this grief by myself , let it be buried here forever. The death was not what I wanted .I was looking for a bright future with my family.I love my dad and my mum and I don't want to lose any of them. I thought that this could also be a bad dream because last week we were just out for a swim and he was in perfect shape .At that moment I have no choice but to be strong.I have to be what my father always want me to be -STRONG

After my father had been buried(we had more than a thousand people at his funeral ) , my brother asked my mum if He can still go to
school and how will we live?He was 6 and it's harder for him to accept living without our father.

LIFE.. goes on
We live and we are allright.My mum raised us well without a gardener , orderly or driver.She did it all by herself. My mother took me and my brother on various holidays , fishing trips and football matches , we even went on a road trip to Thailand in 1993.

I still remember when my role in the family once was the pampered spoilt daughter, I had said to my dad abut my intention of seeing a volcano ,to my surprise that weekend He tooked us all to Sumatera,Indonesia to catch the glance of Mount Merapi and as a bonus we also did Lake Toba ,that was among the sweetest time of my life.He would joke and tell us his experience and stories when he was younger .We were always singing in the car, dancing to the music at our house , eating our breakfast together and taking brisk walks and having tea, just us... family.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Although I know all that my parents ever wanted is for me to be happy ,
I have to apologise to both of them especially my dad for not being the person he wants me to be, for being a rebel sometimes , to not open up and talk about my sadness, to be such a dissapointment . I'm sorry, Ayah.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I got up at 12 noon again, and now I am waiting for my lunch. After my exercise of running last Tuesday, My legs are aching and as usual I had rubbed some ointment that contains eucalyptus oil to soothe the painful muscles and bones.
The weather is nice today but why should I care? Even when it’s sunny I can't be out in the sun, but its ok even normal people can't be in the sun a lot, they can get sunstroke.

I was out with my friend(Rick) for a meal at Hard Rock Cafe the other day and after we ordered our drinks while waiting for our table to be ready, a bar guy came and asked if I was Az,after I nodded He pointed at this girl I knew from years ago, she was sitting across the bar and she was making a loud comment saying that I had put on so much weight (no hi or how are you)oh! no... actually she said "Oh my god !!what happened? you are soo fat now ?", very chubby" she added with an insulting intonation and audio volume.To be honest I don't need people like her saying things like that because she was neither there when I was really thin nor paid for my medical bills. I put on some weight but that’s much better than being ill and underweight, this f***ing steroids had make my face chubby and that is how it is and it’s for me to deal with it.
So I said to her that I prefer to be this size because I don't want to look as if I don’t have money to eat. She stood up from her chair and asked me if her body figure looks good... I gave my approval smile and felt happy for her because she is thin (what?). What can I say... alcoholic says the darndest things?

I really can't be bothered to write about this person but I want my Lupus friends or any girls out there to shout back when people insult or said things about their appearance. I feel good that I had asked her about her job and how long does she want to carry on being a sarong party girl. I’m glad that my questions shut her off.
I have chubby cheeks and I am in the progress of getting rid of it, but this is much better than having a skeletal figure like I used to.It used to be that I accepted and just ignored comments like this , but people will never learn anything from us if we don't teach them.
And the point is...
No one in this world has the right to complain the way you look. We all look different and has various sizes, some of us are well endowed and some not, some has fair skin and some has dark but we are all beautiful in our own way. Its them who has a problem in the manners department , making comments about others when their opinion is not needed.
This reminded me of a kid who used to go to my local bakery, when someone said that he is naughty he would go to them and said “Say people, justify yourself" in childish accent. Yes before you make any remarks about others physique, look at yours, you aren't perfect too.

Say people justify yourself
While you were talking about others... why don't you judge yourself first?

Sarong party girls
Sarong Party Girl (also known as SPG or Singapore Party Girl) is a derogatory term used in Singapore and (to a lesser extent) in Peninsular Malaysia.
It describes a local Asian woman who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men because white men buys them drinks in bars.

YOU are beautiful, enough said.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Its a beautiful day.


Hmmm... How can a day starts wrong? Whenever I am in England, without sounding like a stuck up Malay girl, or try to sound posh, my days are always good. I wake up smiling, I smell the roses in the garden and of course... my boyfriend lives there, so that makes everything looks perfect to my eyes.
For some, a bad day could start with bad traffic, late for work, having arguments with their spouse etc.For me these couple of days had treated me not so well name it the start or the end of it.
Its the people that I have to communicate with! see, despite working for myself at this moment I still have to encounter some silliness from people and this week I don't get the result that I want workwise.I know I should not take things so hard, but without me realizing it I feel so stressed out and alone and my knees are aching and my hair is dropping again.

On another note, I browsed through several Lupus group’s websites last week and I realized that there are plenty more to be done with Malaysian SLE Association beside the regular trip and talks, while friends in some countries are writing bills and memorandum to their parliaments , SLE Malaysia Association still have not updated their website. Talks about drugs, how to get financial support and helps, blood pressure screening, eye test, and talks with experienced rheumatologist are really some of the agendas that would be much better appreciated from a Lupus patient's point of view. I met a lady, she is A Manager at Mc Donalds and her sister died of Lupus many years ago. Her sister played hockey for the country until Lupus striked, the waiting period to be treated by a Rheumatologist is just unbelievable she complained (well, so did I) and that was what she had encountered and frustrated about.I am lucky that I get private medical treatment but It ain't cheap and just imagine for those who just can't afford it? And insurance won't cover this.

I really am hoping that they will be a cure for this autoimmune disease, a pill that can tell my immune - "Hey dude, you gone the wrong way man.., you should protect her and not attack her DUH!"
Because I am feeling freakin tired of eating my pills in the morning, I want to go back to being the old me!
I feel much better after spilling this out ...puking this all to you readers, and writing is therapeutic indeed!, I have to go back to making few more phone calls and perhaps go out and get some ice cream at my nearest Baskin after that...Somehow my grandma always say "put some sweetness in you and you'll find your sadness fade...I am going to make today MY day,I am going to laugh and sing, and no one can ruin today for me.

I have a situation

This is getting on my nerve I cant open my own blog and i don't know how to fix this...

updated as in 15 minutes later...
Yes I know now why internet explorer can'topen my page and I had fixed it all by myself.Arghhh!!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I dream of Lombok

It's Sunday!! and it is my favourite day ,I got up and watched the making of "Sweeney Todd- The demon barber of fleet street" and I want to catch that in the cinema in this coming weekdays,Johnny Depp +Tim Burton+Helena Bonham Carter + bonus of Sacha Baron Cohen's humour =I think it will make me leave the cinema with a big satisfied grin.
My mother is cooking one of my favourite dish for lunch at this moment and I, weird enough is drinking a cup of coffee, something I almost never do , because coffee gives me headache and of course it thins my bones(caffeine) and something that steroids consumers should avoid ,as told by my pharmacist.

I feel like going for a short break and in this few days I really feel like going to an Island called Lombok near Bali,some said that Lombok is Bali 20 years ago . I had a friend who hailed from there , we have lost touch now ... people grow up , people grow old and we all changed, nevertheless, this friend of mine is always in my heart and I think the world of this person, I pray that whatever he is doing now , He is happy surrounded by people who loves him.I first read about Lombok in a magazine when I was 14 or 15 years old.

I dream of lombok
It must be the picture of a women weaving an 'ikat(the traditional textile) , the white sand and blue sea that had captured my heart. Maybe after doing Lombok I can go nearby world famous's Bali for a bit , my tourist visa would allow me to stay in Indonesia for 30 days anyway , I might as well visit some friends who lives out there.Besides... I've also told Ary , an old friend to go visit her this year .Ary and I used to work together and she is now a mother of a beautiful girl, a wife and doing well in her career.She is such a sweet person and I feel so happy for her.( Psstt..Ary, my mum said If I were to go see you ,she would make your cute little daughter a nice crochet shawl. I will give it to you in Bali)

The last time I was in Bali , it was over 3 years ago, and that was really nice.From browsing through the little shops in Kuta ,watching the traditional Barong' show, diving in Nusa Dua to white water rafting in scenic Ubud .
That was where I felt like I am not the cold hearted person I really think I was , I had opened the door to my heart to accept love and to embrace it.Maybe that was how my mother had felt when she was on her holiday where she met my late father.


Things to do
Maybe if I get to go to Bali after my Lombok trip, and that would only be for few days, enough to visit old friends.These are what I plan to do.

Hard rock cafe Bali , I like Indonesian musicians , they are talented and when they rock they really rocks! especially when the band is called 'Siluet' - the lead singer is my friend ,(I know, I can be such a groupie sometimes :rolling my eyes)also its nice to catch lunch on the balcony while checking out who's hot and taking the surfing lesson at the pool in front of you.

Browsing through the shops in Kuta ( to be fair Kuta has some fairly nice clubs and restaurants.)
I'm a women enough said.

A day in Ubud
Hire a car with a driver and make him take me to Ubud and catch the beautiful paddy(rice) terrace its different where we plant it in Malaysia.Ubud is also where the art galleries are.I could also book white water rafting adventure on the gorgeous Ayung river .

Tanah Lot
A beautiful temple just out to sea on a rocky outcrop .To catch a glimpse of the romantic Tanah Lot sunset.

I know that I can never get enough of Island getaways, its that relaxed and chillin' mood it gaves you. I have to admit, I always have this liquid crystals in my eyes everytime I was about to leave my holiday and go back to run my normal life Its like leaving your best friends, thats how I feel especially if the people on my holiday were nice to me.

Cry baby
Especially... every time the plane just takes off and the first 10 minutes of being in the sky all that I saw below was always the blue ocean as blue as my heart...I miss you Bali , We'll meet soon Lombok.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Apple of my eye

I just got back from the market and feeling slightly tired, while sipping a glass of Apple juice I am writing this and think about so many things.
By the way, I did not tell you all that I had a misunderstanding with my grocer the other day .Well, not my real grocer , they are just this little store in my residential complex it was because... they refused to change my apple juice that was off , I suspect they had switched their refrigerator off at night and the juice smell and tasted like vinegar.

I was upset.....

-with their attitude and I wonder what happened to the 'good old practice of consumerism and statutory rights? when you buy something to consume and found that it had gone off, you have the right to exchange the product or get a refund to make me happy, I believe this is how it should be!

-because the Apple juice was for my mother, so I got upset when she found something was not right about her daily glass of apple juice.
It's not about money anymore.. its principle because they had showed their attitude as if I do not know what apple juice tastes like and said that since it has gone off I have to deal with it, and they don't care.

Luckily , I rung the manufacturer, F&N Malaysia. The staffs were very professional and kind to me, they sent their people to visit and had a proper report written, and brought me some juices as well.Thank you F&N, for caring about your customers and please tell that little grocer to do the same as they had tarnished the image of such a powerful brand.

Enough about that , its a public holiday, so I went to the market with my mum , I only realized today that my mother really cares about people around her , the cashier at that market where we are "regulars' , He always smiles and talk to me but little that I know is that He is bulding his dream house in his home country , beautiful' Nepal.I wasn't aware of that until my mum asked him about the progress of his house.And I thought...People would come as far as here to make some money so that they can fulfill their dreams ,although our situations are slightly different, we all have dreams and I learnt something from this men matter how far I have to go , no matter how high I have to climb the most important is that I have to get there. Maybe "listen to your heart" and "give yoursef a chance" is the best advice I had ever received indeed.I hope I will reach my destination no matter how hard the journey is and will be,I wish I have a heart as strong as that gentlemen.

For now..., I am going to enjoy my next sip of apple aloe vera juice... because they are really good this time! wink'