Apple of my eye

I just got back from the market and feeling slightly tired, while sipping a glass of Apple juice I am writing this and think about so many things.
By the way, I did not tell you all that I had a misunderstanding with my grocer the other day .Well, not my real grocer , they are just this little store in my residential complex it was because... they refused to change my apple juice that was off , I suspect they had switched their refrigerator off at night and the juice smell and tasted like vinegar.

I was upset.....

-with their attitude and I wonder what happened to the 'good old practice of consumerism and statutory rights? when you buy something to consume and found that it had gone off, you have the right to exchange the product or get a refund to make me happy, I believe this is how it should be!

-because the Apple juice was for my mother, so I got upset when she found something was not right about her daily glass of apple juice.
It's not about money anymore.. its principle because they had showed their attitude as if I do not know what apple juice tastes like and said that since it has gone off I have to deal with it, and they don't care.

Luckily , I rung the manufacturer, F&N Malaysia. The staffs were very professional and kind to me, they sent their people to visit and had a proper report written, and brought me some juices as well.Thank you F&N, for caring about your customers and please tell that little grocer to do the same as they had tarnished the image of such a powerful brand.

Enough about that , its a public holiday, so I went to the market with my mum , I only realized today that my mother really cares about people around her , the cashier at that market where we are "regulars' , He always smiles and talk to me but little that I know is that He is bulding his dream house in his home country , beautiful' Nepal.I wasn't aware of that until my mum asked him about the progress of his house.And I thought...People would come as far as here to make some money so that they can fulfill their dreams ,although our situations are slightly different, we all have dreams and I learnt something from this men matter how far I have to go , no matter how high I have to climb the most important is that I have to get there. Maybe "listen to your heart" and "give yoursef a chance" is the best advice I had ever received indeed.I hope I will reach my destination no matter how hard the journey is and will be,I wish I have a heart as strong as that gentlemen.

For now..., I am going to enjoy my next sip of apple aloe vera juice... because they are really good this time! wink'


Liudmila said…
Is it not better to make your juise yourself? It's more healthy I think.

Could you pls change setings to have not these code words? I don't know for others but I have great problems to type them.
Anonymous said…
Good for you! I like people who are proactive like you - good you called the manufacturer up!
Eugene Latt said…
Heart-warming touch.Good job.
doudy said…
Its been a while since my last visit, so I just came to say Hello :) I admire people who have dreams and would do everything to accomplish them. I envy these people because sometimes I don't even know what my dreams are !!!!!
Enjoy your apple juice :) you've earned it :)
Anonymous said…
hey girl! hope you are doing well and fine!

happy apple juicing! hehehehe *wink
AzAzura said…
My mum loves packed apple juice.

thanks for your support.

welcome ! and thanks for your kind words

Where have you been?hey dreams don't come easy

Anonymous said…
I love goal-oriented people like you! I'm a bit of a dreamer myself but I noticed one thing. When you hold an ideal in your mind it has a tendency to manifest.
You are doing the right thing just like this man with his dream home.
So save me some juice, would you? :-)
AzAzura said…
Zen Chef, you always supported whatever I do ,how sweet and yes I saved some juice for ya xoxo