I'm back

Ask me if I had a long day, and the answer would be YES and I need a hug.I am tired but I am happy , I had been doing plate shopping today apart from going to see my pharmacist to get my steroids and order some hydroxychloroquine.
Not that I have not tried anything else ,I had done costume jewellery, Events,Cosmetics import and some few other things, but right now I think Food and Party planning is my thing.I seems to have more luck doing it , I will never say that I am a good cook or a good chef, but preparing , cooking , baking is where I found my joy, it's like having a handsome male bestfriend with a nice body and He loves you too. Well,Eversince that day I left Law school to pursue cooking as a career , eversince I stepped my feet in the cooking school I am a changed person.From the "smart girl" to the "what are you doing girl?" but I love it , I love it ,I love every single inch of it.

Bossy me
And so does being my own boss and doing things my way I love that too.So being a food entrepenuer is definitely the title I should posess.
By the way something that I thought I was doing just for fun had turned into something more serious now unintentionally.It starts with few pastries orders from friends and ex neighbours during my break here in Kuala lumpur lead to something else...ladies and gentlemen ,my cafe will be operating on the 1st of March! I took the lease because most of the things I need is provided by my landlord.Its quite funny ... and you know whats funnier?Some people wants me to cater for one function next week! and another booking in March !Just now after I finished my meeting and got the key for my Little Cafe, I went to get some plates and stuffs I need to set up the place.While we were in the car,I was at the back seat as my mum drove(No! I hate driving despite having a valid and clean driving licence)I looked up the window and I realized that my life is all right,I have great people around me , I have this gorgeous sky smiling at me...
More than 2 years ago a lady I met in my Rheumatologist's clinic told me that I can die of my disease and how lupus kills it patients after torturing them she knew because her sister in law got Lupus.I kept my mouth shut, I shut my eyes at the time ...I was to weak to say too much.but today I know I should have said "hey lady!everyone dies!get into the system!" But most of all... I am alive and I am making the most of it,I won't let this Mr Loopy Lupus stop me from reaching for my dreams, although it slowed me down once, and I am back to basic , its ok I will start from scratch again.

My mum asked me what I was pondering about? and I said , "Mum,... Zura's back! and we both giggled.

Azura's back indeed I have so much doubts and worries but I also have courage and I will work hard,I need prayers from you people so that I won't fall ill and paralyzed again.I know I asked for too much sometimes , but can you guys also pray for my success please?I will keep you guys updated on the cafe and for those in Kuala lumpur ,you will have my invitation when I'll be having a little party there soon!


Sweetiepie said…
How i wish i could go to your party.Congrats azura!Here's a Toast(cheers)for your success.I am proud of you :)stay strong ya!
chronic chick said…

wanna exchange links with my other site.
JesseTheCat said…
hey,congratulatons on the whole thing.I wish I was also going to the party..but as I cannot,I will be praying for you..hoping that you remain strong enough for this new venture in your life, good luck with it all,from your new buddy far away ! The picture on this post looks divine!By the way,I tagged you on my latest post...but of course only do it if and when you have free time.Hope your day is great :)
Michelley said…
Congratulations girl!!! You are incredibly strong and you will make it with this new venture :) My prayers are with you always
Thyda said…

I just found your blog today. Very Nice blog. I'll come and read again.

All the best!!
Anonymous said…
Wow! This is so exciting!
Congratulations Azura, you've been hiding this from me! haha.
Wonderful! I'm happy for you and i wish you the best luck in the world! :-)

What about the male bestfriend with a nice body? hahahahaha
AzAzura said…
sweetiepie, You will have to drop by when you're here!
Thanks hun ,xoxo

chronicchick ,yes hun , would love that.xo
AzAzura said…
hey beautiful, thanks a lot,would do them tags soon.xo

michelle, you're so sweet thank you for your prayers.xo

thyda, welcome and sooo pleased to meet you.come back soon xo
AzAzura said…
Zen ,
Thanks babes! I told you recently didn't I?
male bestfriend who has a nice body? thats you!xo
Anonymous said…
hmmmm.....i was 'very sick' once, and while in Uni, people lost hope on me, you can see people whisper when i pass by them and the most hurtful one was ' she aint gonna make it anyways for the finals, she's sick!' - but with the support of loved ones, friends that never gave up on me, and God of course, i got thru Uni, graduation day was D Day for me laaaaaa....hehe.....i then realized that whatever happens in life is fated, you have to make do with it and capitalize it the way you want it to, always remember HIM and he will remember you too.

sorry eh - i may sound like an ustazah, but, i had my fair share of downtime couple of years back......and im happy i didnt give up!

So, U!!!! be strong, be wise, just be yourself!!!!!

yeayyyyyyyy free food heheheheh ;P
CiliQueen said…
Hi Azura...wish i could be htere on the opening of ur cafe...just got back fm KL..short n tight one lols..well hoep to see u some day...and yess sweetie you ahve my praywers..and all the best to the success of your cafe...takecare and always think positive and believe in youself ok...kisses & hugs -CQ