Saturday, 23 February 2008

I wish I am better with tools

I think the plumbers and contractors worldwide have united to go against us consumers or is it just me? When some one I knew wanted to go and take a plumbing course, I understand his pain, I had variety of antics from plumbers from the one that use my mother’s rosewood bench as a ladder to the one that was about to charge me a thousand ringgit just to change the pump to my newly opened café, its really funny because when I came to inspect this place before signing the agreement, the toilets were perfect for a little café
It flushed well, it was clean and suddenly yesterday everything went kaphoot” both the gents and ladies have problems of their own.
I was like arrghh not today! When I had trouble sleeping and was so tired buying things for this place.
I am happy to have open a place of my own but just like my previous shop which was a nightmare renovating and having it restored…as it was a pre war building. This business of renovating and getting gadgets fully working has start to piss**d me off.
And when I’m speaking to these contactors and plumbers, I have to put my voice in full volume since they cant hear well.I have to be firm because they think they are better than me , a women and I have to be thrifty because I know I don’t have’ t pay thousands just to get my flushed changed.
While im waiting for the guy who did maintenance work in my flat to arrive ,I am writing this, hoping that he won’t charge me a lot and played me for a fool.
I might as well go learn how to do plumbing and make extra bucks after this. Sigh…


nana anak kandung en.shariff said...

i'd reckon there's no such toilet at my place.

Sweetiepie said...

oops!sorry to hear that!Yes,learn a little plumbing could help you to save alot cuz running a business on your own is not as easy as ABC.Managing a business successfully also requires an understanding about the benefits of being thrifty.Good luck!Hope everything is ok by now :)

Zen Chef said...

hehehe...i had a business for a while and i encountered similar troubles. Be tough, and bite if you need too! :-)