I dream of Lombok

It's Sunday!! and it is my favourite day ,I got up and watched the making of "Sweeney Todd- The demon barber of fleet street" and I want to catch that in the cinema in this coming weekdays,Johnny Depp +Tim Burton+Helena Bonham Carter + bonus of Sacha Baron Cohen's humour =I think it will make me leave the cinema with a big satisfied grin.
My mother is cooking one of my favourite dish for lunch at this moment and I, weird enough is drinking a cup of coffee, something I almost never do , because coffee gives me headache and of course it thins my bones(caffeine) and something that steroids consumers should avoid ,as told by my pharmacist.

I feel like going for a short break and in this few days I really feel like going to an Island called Lombok near Bali,some said that Lombok is Bali 20 years ago . I had a friend who hailed from there , we have lost touch now ... people grow up , people grow old and we all changed, nevertheless, this friend of mine is always in my heart and I think the world of this person, I pray that whatever he is doing now , He is happy surrounded by people who loves him.I first read about Lombok in a magazine when I was 14 or 15 years old.

I dream of lombok
It must be the picture of a women weaving an 'ikat(the traditional textile) , the white sand and blue sea that had captured my heart. Maybe after doing Lombok I can go nearby world famous's Bali for a bit , my tourist visa would allow me to stay in Indonesia for 30 days anyway , I might as well visit some friends who lives out there.Besides... I've also told Ary , an old friend to go visit her this year .Ary and I used to work together and she is now a mother of a beautiful girl, a wife and doing well in her career.She is such a sweet person and I feel so happy for her.( Psstt..Ary, my mum said If I were to go see you ,she would make your cute little daughter a nice crochet shawl. I will give it to you in Bali)

The last time I was in Bali , it was over 3 years ago, and that was really nice.From browsing through the little shops in Kuta ,watching the traditional Barong' show, diving in Nusa Dua to white water rafting in scenic Ubud .
That was where I felt like I am not the cold hearted person I really think I was , I had opened the door to my heart to accept love and to embrace it.Maybe that was how my mother had felt when she was on her holiday where she met my late father.


Things to do
Maybe if I get to go to Bali after my Lombok trip, and that would only be for few days, enough to visit old friends.These are what I plan to do.

Hard rock cafe Bali , I like Indonesian musicians , they are talented and when they rock they really rocks! especially when the band is called 'Siluet' - the lead singer is my friend ,(I know, I can be such a groupie sometimes :rolling my eyes)also its nice to catch lunch on the balcony while checking out who's hot and taking the surfing lesson at the pool in front of you.

Browsing through the shops in Kuta ( to be fair Kuta has some fairly nice clubs and restaurants.)
I'm a women enough said.

A day in Ubud
Hire a car with a driver and make him take me to Ubud and catch the beautiful paddy(rice) terrace its different where we plant it in Malaysia.Ubud is also where the art galleries are.I could also book white water rafting adventure on the gorgeous Ayung river .

Tanah Lot
A beautiful temple just out to sea on a rocky outcrop .To catch a glimpse of the romantic Tanah Lot sunset.

I know that I can never get enough of Island getaways, its that relaxed and chillin' mood it gaves you. I have to admit, I always have this liquid crystals in my eyes everytime I was about to leave my holiday and go back to run my normal life Its like leaving your best friends, thats how I feel especially if the people on my holiday were nice to me.

Cry baby
Especially... every time the plane just takes off and the first 10 minutes of being in the sky all that I saw below was always the blue ocean as blue as my heart...I miss you Bali , We'll meet soon Lombok.


Julie said…
Sounds like a fun trip!

I saw "Sweeney Todd" in the theaters and thought it was very well done! However, it is not what I call a happy movie.....
Anonymous said…
never been to Bali....yeah yeah...i know!!!!!!!....will go one fine day!......sounds good eh there.... ;P
Julie said…
I don't know if you do tags, but I just sent one your way! It is completely optional, of course. But please let me know if you do it so that I can see your quote!
never been to Bali myself. Just finishing a book, Eat, Pray, Love which talks alot about Ubud. And I also lived 6yrs. in England, but have to admit; I loved it. The history is beautiful, the weather can be horrible sometimes. Since I can't be in the sun alot (makes me ill) then it was a good place for me. Unfortunately now I'm in very sunny Kansas!! Still might like to visit Bali.
bonoriau said…
bonoriau plan going to Lombok middle og Feb
AzAzura said…
Julie - Thanks , there are like 5 movies I would love to watch at the moment arghhh!!!

Azra- Doesn't matter !We 'll go together next time (just girls) xo

-I accidently post the comment but yes I do tagging especially from u.

Brenda!- welcome to my blog , and Ubud is a very nice peaceful place indeed.

Bonoriaui- maybe I'll pop by in April
Anonymous said…
HEY!! Did I hear about a trip to Bali just for girls?
Can I come pleaaaasee? I can carry your shopping bags and give good foot massages! You can even put a dress and make-up on me!... Okay just kidding! Hehe ;-)
Sounds like a dream destination, I was flying with you for a few minutes.
AzAzura said…
Zen Chef,
I bet you will love Bali! foot massage and putting make up on you sounds great!would love that. :)
Anonymous said…
yessssssss girl, sure why not, one day eh......:)