Among what's in my head at this moment- It is 11.53 pm now.

The Ramos Horta and Xanana Gusmao's assassinations attempt
I think Dili in Timor Leste has some beautiful beaches and If people there are not fighting, I know that tourists will head there the next minute, hence improving the quality of life and opening unlimited new doors to business and income opportunities.Though I do not want to go deeper into political issues, Poverty+social problems=not good for yourself , your family , your future generations
At this moment president Ramos Horta is being treated in Darwin and was reported to be in stable and recovering condition after being shot in the stomach.Luckily Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao escaped the ambush attack.

Malaysia's election day... I am waiting for the dissolution of our Parliament that was rumored to be on the 13th .. or is it not? I don't know .Every five years we Malaysian could see the banners and posters hanging and posted everywhere.So .. 13th of February speculation? MMm... time will answer.

Valentine's day...because everybody is making a big fuss of it,I have to too(rolling my eyes).I will be alone in KL this year , and I will think of last year's valentine's when We went to a place called blueberry and stuffed myself with lush food and really enjoyed that.A year ago me and Claire(my good friend) were among "the happiest girl in the world" walking down Prinny Ave in a cold winter night,I think the title /award would be given to the others this year's Valentine's.Therefore I ...

a)...think I might go to a spa or have a little SPA night on my own at home.
b)...will buy a bag of famous amos cookies and watch a movie at home.
c)...would do my dance workout or yoga video.

For those who had got everything planned for valentine's day, hope you will enjoy the meal, the music and the presents.

Although I might look like someone who does nothing apart from going out to check out new restaurants and strolling down various malls,I actually do have things to do ,paperworks and decisions to make everyday, and right now my head is pretty jammed up, stress and jammed are two words that is also enemies to everyone with or without Lupus.

My knee pain
I am trying to forget it but I can't , I hate to live with it and I have to deal with it.

Sweet dream, sweetheart
I am off to get myself a cup of hot chocolate, put on my purple pyjama and try (hard )to sleep.

P/S:Thank you Azra ,I heart you too, for your recent post, and I hope its not too late to say a very Happy Birthday to my friend , Saxyphone.

Goodnight xxx


Liudmila said…
You are so a nice girl on the photo ... and you have always soooo sad thoughts in your head. I see, you -as I was- become this "illness", to be always sad and think so disperately. Do you know, that this is illness provokes great dependance? Take care to maintain your mind more happy. It's very difficult to go out, when your mind become to love unhappiness.
AzAzura said…
FYI ,I don't have THAT much sad thoughts in my head..ha ,ha.
P/S: being a happy person does not mean you have to keep your eyes shut to current affairs ;)
Anonymous said…
which restaurant??? which one? which one? hehehehehehe......

valentines day? whazzat??? i will be awayyyyyyyyyyyy and workinggggggggggg uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

i heart u, i heart u, i heart u!
AzAzura said…
azra, lucky you , you got a 'holiday' for valentine's day.
P/S: we women make a big fuss over one day.I am in planet tantrum and sulk.