Written and eaten at times when I miss you dearly

Its either someone was feeling very hungry or she had too many things in her mind.

roti jala -"fishnet bread "( huh?)direct translation.Roti jala is a Malay crepe made using a special mould/funnel to create the lacy' pattern .I like it served with chicken curry.

Curry mee(Noodles in curryish' gravy)

Nasi lemak (coconut rice )serves with chicken rendang

Grilled Salmon with chips

I am feeling very full at this moment .Goodnight :o)


saxyphone said…
Mannn.. I always get hungry whenever I visit your blog.

And yes.. Roti Jala with chicken curry is great. Not to forget the egg salad over peanut sauce. Yummeh!
JesseTheCat said…
I love roti..I have made it a few times with curry,but then I end up eating far too much roti dipped in curry gravy, and too little actual food,lol!I have never had it with a lacy pattern,how interesting this meal here is..and now you have made me hungry,lol :)
ps..it makes my grilled lamb chops look totally boring,lol
Anonymous said…
and i just had Teppanyaki....yummmyyyyyyyy... ;P
Anonymous said…
Happy belated valentines day! :-)
All this food is making my stomach gargggle!! I'm hungry! Stop the torture now! hehehe
AzAzura said…
egg salad with peanut sauce .. gotta try that!is it like gado-gado/karedok kind of thing?, geez.. I want my Indonesian food NOW xo

Jesse darlin, i am crazy about this pancake it light and yet satisfy my hunger.like it for breakfast with sweet gravy my mommy make xo

Azra ,
Some one had teppanyaki... nihon ryori o taihen suki desu ne.. you like Japanese food dont ya xo

Zen my favourite chef in this whole wide world, thats why I told you to come down here.. the food is awesome!xo