No complain(just nags)

"Its not about the lamb cutlets or its sweet chilli jam , Its about me, me ,me and how I feel at this moment and thats all that matters! arrghhh!!!- A very selfish Azura


Am I tired? Yes I am , have I found everything happens too fast .. Yes indeed , am I stressed out? oh hell, yeah ! Do I feel like I am not going to India for New year because I will be taking care of Absolute Gourmet? I am starting to weep now.

It happened too fast and now I can't turn back , as much as I like sitting down here at home and doing my little thing I am also a greedy person and my brain often thinks big ... like world domination one second and living in a small island or town being nobody the next second.Its Sunday and yet I have plenty of things to do before my official opening day.I have so many things to sort out next week and I think I am back to where I was 3 years ago.No party , just thinking and working and meeting people ,spending money on my business and having fever and joints pain(that was before Lupus)

So I asked myself (uhhmm its more like my alter ego...) 'Hi Miss spoilt little annoying princess,Make up your mind! What do you want to do now? do you want to be an artists who paints and write books and live a boho lifestyle or you want to be the Malaysian Martha Steward?, who are you really? and please make up your mind quick because you are getting older...'
But the answer is always ... 'hey miss "know -it- all" I take one day as it comes and this is where my fate has brought me to.I have less time to check on my dearest friends blog.. although I have to say I miss you guys so much and I wish that you guys would come to Kuala lumpur and be my neighbour therefore I can like knock on your door to say hi before I head to my cafe...
I miss my laid back world but I need to move on.This was what had been written in the sky for me and I am glad that I like my current job , I love food and even dream about them often.Yup, It was never wearing Armani to courtroom or driving fancy car.It's always food.
I need to go now, I have not been sleeping well and I was out and about the whole day, I have to wash my hair with my favourite shampoo and go to bed.Big kiss to all of you mwah mwah mwah.
I think I had too much coffee.


CiliQueen said…
If u have to it out loud...let out ur inner arrgghhh ...that will make u relax in a way...dont keep inside u...more stresss kot? ...anyway strong, be U...ok..takecare
JesseTheCat said…
Hello,just came by to read your blog...,the lamb cutlets and sweet chilli jam could just entice me to come all the way over and enjoy/help you in your new ventures.I am sure you are feeling so much stress and also conflicting emotions..which we all feel when busy with such big adventures..but you can only take it one step at a time.I am sure the cafe will be a success,as long as you take time out for yourself and to rest a little every day.Dont be afraid...just follow your dreams as you already are and they will lead you to the very coolest and most awesome things :)
sleep tight...
Liudmila said…
I envy you, you have so nice style to write... Maybe you have possibility to speak english in your place.

So, I say, you have a very nice writting style, to write stories.

Good night and very happy sleep and dreams too. Nice as your stories.
Julie said…
I must say, that lamb looks really good! I hope that you get a good night's sleep and feel better in the morning!
Sweetiepie said…
Yummy!The lamb looks delicious.can you still sleep well with too much cofee?hehehe!hope you take more rest.
Anonymous said…
Take it easy darling!
One step at the time. It's all good! Bubble baths and more bubble baths to relax yourself.
I believe in you, one day you'll be the Asian version of Martha Stewart! :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh, the cutlets look delicious! It's been a while since I got the time to read all the blogs, and it looks I have to read quite a few of your posts now this weekend.