I know what you did last Valentine's day

After my meeting was over,I came back and get change , I went to see my supplier near chinatown and I found my camera stuffed in beloved black chamois bag.

Puduraya bus station one of the busiest spot in Kuala Lumpur , filled with people of all sorts.

I was told ...in those colonial years this was once a post office.

Abandoned police station from the colonial era.

I was at this flower shop and today being Valentine's day ,I've never seen so many men choosing flowers, and bouquets are not cheap.Men of all work backgrounds, ethnicity and shapes got their other halfs flowers just to make their women happy. I was even more touched when this guy got a parking ticket because he had parked on the yellow line in order to buy his girlfriend a bouquet..The things we do for love

China town Kuala Lumpur

These ribbons were displayed in front of the shop where my mum got her crochet stuffs.

Some pretty little plants that were on display

Epitome of loneliness.


Eugene Latt said…
I drank more beer in the Valentine's Day cos there was no other way:P.Very nice photos!!!

Julie said…
Happy Valentine's Day! Good pictures! It does remind me how different it is cities around the world.....
JesseTheCat said…
Such cute little plants...I am marveling at the guys buying so many bunches of flowers for their ladies,how sweet of them.Sad about the one getting parking ticket...ahhh..the price we pay for love!!
Stunning images..
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the stroll around town. It's like a mini-vacation for me. :-)
I don't even dare going outside, it's freezing cold here!
AzAzura said…

Thanks hun, you gotta come here one day to experience this city yourself.

jesse, they are cute indeed and thay have this feng shui benefit.Actually the guy who got the ticket was in the grey car when I took this picture(if you look at the pic of the flower shop)he was on the phone after getting the ticket.. aww

Zen chef dahling,,,
so many times I told you pack your bag and come to sunny Malaysia. I miss UK cold weather at this moment :(