Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I got up at 12 noon again, and now I am waiting for my lunch. After my exercise of running last Tuesday, My legs are aching and as usual I had rubbed some ointment that contains eucalyptus oil to soothe the painful muscles and bones.
The weather is nice today but why should I care? Even when it’s sunny I can't be out in the sun, but its ok even normal people can't be in the sun a lot, they can get sunstroke.

I was out with my friend(Rick) for a meal at Hard Rock Cafe the other day and after we ordered our drinks while waiting for our table to be ready, a bar guy came and asked if I was Az,after I nodded He pointed at this girl I knew from years ago, she was sitting across the bar and she was making a loud comment saying that I had put on so much weight (no hi or how are you)oh! no... actually she said "Oh my god !!what happened? you are soo fat now ?", very chubby" she added with an insulting intonation and audio volume.To be honest I don't need people like her saying things like that because she was neither there when I was really thin nor paid for my medical bills. I put on some weight but that’s much better than being ill and underweight, this f***ing steroids had make my face chubby and that is how it is and it’s for me to deal with it.
So I said to her that I prefer to be this size because I don't want to look as if I don’t have money to eat. She stood up from her chair and asked me if her body figure looks good... I gave my approval smile and felt happy for her because she is thin (what?). What can I say... alcoholic says the darndest things?

I really can't be bothered to write about this person but I want my Lupus friends or any girls out there to shout back when people insult or said things about their appearance. I feel good that I had asked her about her job and how long does she want to carry on being a sarong party girl. I’m glad that my questions shut her off.
I have chubby cheeks and I am in the progress of getting rid of it, but this is much better than having a skeletal figure like I used to.It used to be that I accepted and just ignored comments like this , but people will never learn anything from us if we don't teach them.
And the point is...
No one in this world has the right to complain the way you look. We all look different and has various sizes, some of us are well endowed and some not, some has fair skin and some has dark but we are all beautiful in our own way. Its them who has a problem in the manners department , making comments about others when their opinion is not needed.
This reminded me of a kid who used to go to my local bakery, when someone said that he is naughty he would go to them and said “Say people, justify yourself" in childish accent. Yes before you make any remarks about others physique, look at yours, you aren't perfect too.

Say people justify yourself
While you were talking about others... why don't you judge yourself first?

Sarong party girls
Sarong Party Girl (also known as SPG or Singapore Party Girl) is a derogatory term used in Singapore and (to a lesser extent) in Peninsular Malaysia.
It describes a local Asian woman who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men because white men buys them drinks in bars.

YOU are beautiful, enough said.


saxyphone said…
I usually tend to bitch back whenever someone judges on my appearance. That is if I switch on my "bitch" button. Kudos to you on making a witty comeback to shut her out. Haha.

On the other note, yeah, people are all so preoccupied on their external appearance, and thus neglecting their interior beauty, which is really what matters most after those "simple drinks". To me, what counts is a balance of both without overdoing each too much.

A balance of looking good outside and working on our inner self never fails to boost our self confidence, makes us spiritually satisfied and getting to know people who might eventually become friends or soulmates.

Oh, by the way.. any form of exercise must ALWAYS start with warm ups. lol. I suffered from muscle tension and cramps for not doing those. Drat! Have a great day Azura!
Anonymous said…
Read your post now... gee girl I got such an angry feeling inside when I read the words that girl said to you! Immediately thought to myself... who are you to say that to Az, you don't even know what she has been through.

I also had instances when people told me "but you picked up a lot of weight hay?" Then usually I feel like I wanna burst out into tears, thinking how insenstive of them, they don't know what I have been through, walking with Lupus and all the meds I am on.

Reading further on... on how you dealt with the situation... right on my friend, I think the way you reacted made more of an impact on her than making a "bitchie" comment. You said something firm and true, and quieten her immediately. Good on you.

So many times when I have been in such a situation I always try to explain why I picked up weight... being on meds etc etc. And actually I have nothing to explain to them!!

So loads of kudos for you my friend, for the way you handled the situation. Its an idea (or more inspiration!!!!) for the rest of us, on how we should handle it in futher.

You remember that insensitive remark that one guy made on my Facebook profile last year, about Lupus...? That really hurt me, so that feeling came back when I read your post, thinking that is how Az must have felt... (mwa xxx) and I wish I knew who he was and had the courage to shut his mouth like you did.
chronic chick said…
I know what you mean. The lupus is hell at times. The lupus and prednisone sure does wonders for your complex. :) I have too gained the weight from the prednisone. WHat we would do to just be able to say we ain't SICK... Hang in there
Ya, I do agree with you, no one can judge the way we look...regardless whether we're chubby or skinny ugly or whatever..they shouldn't judge like that, as long you're happy with your appearance that's fine.. :)
CiliQueen said…
Go girl! Be who you are...being beautiful on the outside is just a bonus...but to have interior beauty is inborn...not everyone has it.
Fat or thin does not justify one to be perfect or holier or stay cool and be happy sweetie.
doudy said…
There is an egyptian quote, very known that says "He who has an empty life, be a judge"
No comments
Anonymous said…
eh girl! you ARE beautiful in your own way! enuff said! ;P

owhhh SPGs eh? loads of em' at my office......
Anonymous said…
Hey baby, you are beautiful! Take it from a Frenchman. haha
You are like the bamboo in the wind, you will bend but you will never break. The SPG, as you call her, would have a nervous break down if one of her nail broke. They have nothing to envy.
AzAzura said…
what appearance? you are a very beautiful+talented men.xo

chronic chick
since I've been on prednisolone my life turned upside down.but its ok .. i'll be fine.

dhillon and apip
Have not seen you for ages! yes its true..say people justify yourself!

Thanks, I'll take ur word for it and be happy hunny !

there is an old malay proverb that goes 'u take care of others skirt while yours are actually fally falling off' ;)

Cheers hun,they are everywhere now aren't they?!

Zen chef
Thank you ZenChef , YOU are beautiful (...and kind, polite,funny,freakin good chef):)