Sunday, 27 April 2008

Where is the LOVE?

Honestly ,my life can be so intense this few weeks you will read more stories of my ups and downs and many many incidents that you will think that it is actually extracted from a soap drama's script.
Today ,I am down with slight cold, but then again i have got to go out and get some seafood supplies BUT before that... I went to pavilion , for those who had never been here before... Pavilion is a new shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur and I love going there and i talked a lot about the place in this blog of mine.I was there to grab quick lunch at its famous food court.(I had yong tau foo ... again)
After lunch ,I crossed the road to go to another shopping mall to get cartridges for my printer and at the traffic light I was so surprised to have found a boy begging just by the traffic light , he sat on the sand and held this used paper cup from 7 eleven, everybody stared at him but he tried to avoid our eyes and looked down , he looked frightened .
In Malaysia, orphans and poor children are looked after by the government that sometimes we even have beggars from other countries.I was afraid to grab his hands and take him away as I am sure the syndicate that forced him to beg should be keeping an eye on him at all time while he was there and it crossed my mind that these people might come chase or hurt not only me , but him too.I want to help that little kid .I swear I was looking for the police and even head to the police booth and when I went back there the kid was gone.There is a very tiny line that separates a busybody and someone who really cares , at times I feel like I fall for the first category , because nowadays it is so wrong to put your nose into somebody Else's business , but when life of a child is involved I think I have to speak up.

Where are you know?
Adik Sharlinie, Adik Asmawi ,Madeline Mc Cann and many years ago Ting Shiong Seng these are the children that missing and it was well publicised , where are they now ?and who took them ?Obviously the first 24 hours of them gone missing are the crucial ones.Some authorities even started blaming their parents , which I don't think is right, for some Malaysians of course we remember Adik Nurin and how some newspapers blamed it on her parents when she went missing and speculated that her father borrowed money from the loan shark and other gossips that could sell their newspaper.I thought ... How can some human being be so cruel towards the other ? putting more pain into those wounded heart.I think I have learnt to understand the feeling of losing a child,the pain must be unbearable.

This used to be my playground...
When I was a little girl i was free to play within our huge house compound,i remember cycling under the huge fresh scented frangipani tree, but it is so different now, you can't go anywhere , few months ago, a child was murdered by a teenager because of allegedly "turkey incident"where this little kid mimicked a turkey and the owner of the turkey ,a teenager killed him for that or so he said.It is bad , bad world out there nowadays , when a kid can't go to the playground to play with friends anymore ... then we know there is a problem with the society, there are "sick" people around us.Where my cafe is, some children who were waiting for their parents outside the building after their Saturday class has been invited to come into my cafe , instead of standing outside ,might as well sit down in there and wait for their parents to come pick them up while watching tele

Lets keep an eye on our children , when they are unsupervised in coffee shop, shopping mall, playground or just anywhere.Look at their face and when they are alone ask them where their parents are.

I am praying for this missing children,I hope that wherever they are , they are safe.No matter how far they would be now, they will find the lights to guide them back to their homes.

Please bring them home.



Monday, 21 April 2008

Once ,I was a dancing queen too

I had a great weekend and that sort of chilled and sweetened everything that was hot, sour and bitter.I got invited to a product party and the product was crab meat and yes me and the rest of Absolute Gourmet's team had a very good night with free flow of the white and orange juices that could also be mango cordial or I dunno but I know it wasn't an orange juice.We had a great night I also met few people that I used to work and some I used to go out party with, we had great talk and ideas about food and lots of laughs and jokes too. After that ,the young ones, my brother R and our friends M and M continued the night in Changkat Bukit Bintang a popular night spot not far from where I live and yours truly, snored in bed having dreams about chocolate ,pastas and crab cakes, I can't afford physically to continue the night at another place .I don't know at what time my brother actually came back that night since He had been out very often lately, so much energy ,I wonder if he has a hidden batteries in his body or too much espresso ... reminds me of the old me.

I used to enjoy parties and loud bling boom bang music a lot ... few years ago ,I think I painted the town red almost every night , going out and spending my time with my friends talking about nothing, and by midnight I talked like a politician already.I think age is catching up with me and I am not as fun as I used to be.I missed my friends that I used to hang out with, our faces were always at launching parties from watches to cars maybe I had too much fun at the time that lupus arrived in my life and said Enough! your body is tired from working and partying!.Don't get me wrong, I still love good companies and great food but not great companies and loud music every night ... maybe once a month besides.. I get tired too easily nowadays :)

I am not old just grown up a little bit
While giggling at this moment thinking about the old me, I am thinking about my younger brother and his friends .I was there too, and go on lil' bro, have fun(responsibly)... this is the time of your life!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Like that also can mah?

or in proper English ...I can't believe you are doing THAT !!

This is some of the things that annoys me.

1)I went to Wisma TH Selborn today, it is located in Jalan Tun Razak and I need to resolve few electricity matters at the energy office . My mum have to park right... and we need to go through this very narrow path that took us to this dark basement parking floor ,it was dark and watery and the basement 1 and basement 2 spaces are all reserved for the staffs at the building , so when we wanted to park somewhere , there's a tag saying that the space is only for the director of so and so department or officer of some office.I AM THE CUSTOMER who wants to pay my bill and get your service , maybe I am not that important to you , so thank you very much to the Management of the building for poor mantainance and servicing.There we were at B3 and it wasn't easy to there , it was dark and scary , as we head for the stairs and climbed through the ground floor and mind you the stairways were so dusty that i can literally feel that I was inhaling dust.We reached the G floor and... the door to G floor was locked! Thanks for nothing so we went back to B1 and searched for the elevator .At least put a clear sign that there is a bl**** lift!

2) Why do people have to park their car or maybe wait on the yellow lines.Its ok if you live in let's say Sitiawan,Tapah ,Changlun or any small town where everybody lives a brady bunch life.But this is KL lah! waiting for your wife to come out from Sungai Wang or KLCC in the car might be hazardous to others , especially when it is 5 o clock and some people wants to go home and what they did is blocked I entire lane, what should be 3 lanes are now 2! by parking their cars there,70% of why I am always stuck in a traffic jam or get caught in some congestion is because of this people , be considerate to others, get a parking space and wait for your wife there for a day if you want.

3)People whom are selfish, sometimes when I go out with my little brother ,He is a perfect gentlemen to my eyes , he hold doors to ladies and I had already beg him not to do it when we are in a shopping mall in KL because not only elder ladies would passed by it without saying thank you or smile, some boys and girls would rush to pass by the door as if my brother is a doormen! Excuse me he was only holding the door for that lady with a walking stick behinds us , Not YOU!

Thats all that I can think of at this moment, I might have couple might annoy you too.

They are not annoying>my friend Mr and Miss M are back from their break, welcome home!and so does Mr S who came back from Lyon last weekend and still recovering from cold.I hope that Mr S will get better soon.

Gotta go now and wash my hair.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Life is NOT for quitting

I am an aspiring, striving businesswoman , I work hard .I have great customers ,staff ,suppliers and friends whom I like to address as supporters.But sometimes people from none of the categories above who has the authority or think they are bigger than me enjoy stranggling me till I choke.I am the kind of person who likes to believe that life is for living and it is easy until recently I was dosed with arrogance and bully. Great news for those people, they had succeed in making me feel sad,small and upset,congratulations you had successfully ruin the spirit of a hardworking woman.At times i'd said I don't need all this! I can go back to being a bummer and go on holidays and have coffees with my "girls" which consist of my mum , my grandma and girlfriends, go to parties , wake up late and do nothing.BUT I had chose this life , though sometimes I would like to verbally express dramatically that >> this is not the life that I want<< , you know all this stress and people I don't like to liaise with, because they are awful...I think I want to save that line that I had put arrows on , maybe I don't want to say it at all because I love cooking and I hate doing nothing or be a bummer and sans those idiots , I am having a good time, really.
I am not familiar with handling jerks and ....(you all know what I was about to say on the dots , but I have young children and relatives reading this .

Giving up is never an option
I want to be that women who runs a successful food business because I know I can be and I can do it ,I want to be that women who is happy and healthy,I want to be THAT women who fight well when she face hardship.Am I that women?Is it so wrong to have such ambition just because I am a women?should I let discrimination walk all over me and break my spirit?
Only time will tell .I am going to take hardships,jerks and difficulties as challenges and read all those motivational notes and messages I received.I will be Ok , I had been going through some tsunamis and typhoons in my life, and I know this one will be gone soon .I put my chin up and I hope and pray that I will succeed and keep my heart strong.Never, ever give up.

For now, I want to soak myself with some posh toiletries that I got as a gift, and really pamper myself.Goodnight and i would like to thank you to some other supporter a.k.a those who had commented on my blog recently and so often motivates me with your kind words, you all have no idea how mush those words cheered me up and lifted my spirit.Thank you. xxxxxxx

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Worries are like rocking chairs, they get you nowhere

The pictures above was taken last year when Metallica was playing At The brand new Wembley stadium and I was there headbanging .I love Metallica.

It is almost 4 in the morning now , I woke up 15 minutes earlier feeling all hungry and decided to turn my computer on and have a cup of malty drink.
It's been a month now that my knees are aching and also I have not been for my eye check that was scheduled 3 weeks ago, I had been on prednisolone for 3 years now and the effects on my eyes, I could have those:

Posterior subcapsular cataracts
Increased intraocular pressure

and with another medicine I'm taking , it could impair my vision too .not that I don't want to go , but as foolish as this might sound I think I had enough of being sick.I hate this disease and no matter how I try to embrace it , I can never learn to love Lupus, my life have been crippled by it.All that I'm doing now is pretending that I am normal and leading a life of a normal 27 year old no matter how many times my mum said to me that I am ill and not to do too much work.But , running a cafe is a job that requires work,work and work.I am sometimes worried about my illness,I want to live my life just like the others , will i be happy and have a house on the prairie?whenever i think about my future , its always some picture of me on a wheelchair emerge again.I want to live my life to the fullest and be happy, is that possible when I can't even stand under the sun because it might kill me? My palm is swelling at the moment and yesterday was a day that challenged me professionally , one thing after another happened in my cafe's kitchen and thankfully everything went well and I came back home, had my noodles put on my PJ's and jumped into bed straight away.I thought of dropping by my friend's birthday at Heritage row last night, but I got too tired and fell asleep at 9.
Happy Birthday to Josh, the last time I saw him , we were all single(he was dating at the time) and now He is married and blessed with a cute son.I wanted to pop by and wish you personally but duty and body fatigue calls.I hope they all had a great time last night and I shall see him and his beautiful wife and Rick next time round.
On the other note , Uncle Vincent the security officer at where my cafe is, is ill, he has got diabetes and lately he has not been well, , yesterday I rung him and see if He is alright and He said that He had a minor operation.I hope that he will get well soon .
Its raining outside and I am off to bed again now, I've finished drinking my hot malty chocolate .
Maybe thinking about my health while trying to sleep is not a good idea,Living in the now, yes that's what I will do who cares about tomorrow? its beyond our controls anyway! shall I think about something sweet? yeah...vanilla sundae and chocolate fudge topping? I am very easy to please.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Not that I don't have things to do, work is waiting for me ,but I don't want to do it ,I prefer a cup of chocolate and sitting infront of the computer, at least for the next 10 minutes.

The Recipe For azura

3 parts Boldness

2 parts Beauty

1 part Bravery

Splash of Mania

Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!

Your Gemstone is Amber

Creative, happy, and logical.

You shine in any intellectual endeavor

I love blogthings...

Gotta get to work now xoxo

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Kids say the darndest things, NOT.(Cotton candies in my heart)

As usual, my picture above has got nothing to do with this story below, it was taken on a memorable night out last week's Saturday, when I was seeing stars till the followed Monday

I was at the bank , Yes living in Kuala Lumpur I have the luxury to do my banking on Sundays ,While I sat there waiting for my turn to be served , here comes a couple with their son,really cute kid and he wanted to sit next to me
and suddenly this little cute person gripped my left palm, How adorable, and I had a chat with his mum , she is Japanese and I tried to converse (practising) my weak Japanese with her, The son's name was Lucas.
After I left the bank , I thought kids don't say the darndest things adult does,I had few times encountered some discrimination from girls of my age just because I was different name it , profession , ethnicity or because I am not "hip" enough.These people never once made me cry because all of my life I had never tried being other people and if I am not hip to their eyes ,I can't be bothered really and I won't change myself, and trust me these people who had said weird stuffs to me,I bet they have some problem that needs sorting out ... enough about bitter people this entry is not about them anyway.

Kids ,I love them , and in this era they are smarter, thanks to the technology called Internet.J and A ,my boyfriend's niece , they are gorgeous and yet very polite and sweet , perfect table manners and fun to talk to ,when I see J she reminded me of Little me, is so eager to learn about people and culture of the east , she could speak a little Japanese and picked up some other languages having friends of different ethnic background in her school in the big Cosmo ,London, she loves frites and wearing her jeans and her high cut converse just like me!I remember the other day she while holding my hand to cross the road , she said to me ..'you are very responsible' and that touched my heart, listening to such sincere voice. Her elder sister "A' loves fashion and I think she will go far in her life because sometimes when I talk to her , I feel like talking to a girl of my age , full of ideas and ambitions.Though we are far at the moment ,I am really praying for their happiness and success in their lives and I will always do.I miss those time when we had our potato wedges while watching Hannah Montana together.
How about my friend's daughter, Nic, she was barely 3 when I met her and she had never known any Asians before, but she came to me and held my hands and give me cuddles and all...she is so cute and funny at the same time.With her Dora backpack and orange juice and candies in it she is the epitome of everything that is sweet and innocent.

Jack is also one of my friend's kids , I hardly had the opportunity to see him
and of course he is changing every time I do, when we first met he puked on my shoulder and the next time I did see him , He told me that He likes to clean!yes He does and He cant see a vacuum cleaner or a broom He will try to use them !What a charming kid he is.And one more things about children they always appreciates what you gave them , with bright eyes they opened my gifts and they would wear the present right away or play with the toys I had given them.

When I was a kid , all that I thought about was chocolate , ice creams and playing...yes I love to play and some habits can never change.I used to play doctor and we had chocolate milk as our medicine...I grabbed that milk put a straw and finished it all... there goes my cousin's so called cough medicine for our silly little clinic.We also went swimming and cycling on my red BMX a lot ,I love to bully boys in school because they were "bad" and when I think about it I swear there is a big remorse and regret and I am thinking at this moment why I did it for?Silly,silly little me.
For very few girls who have some prejudice and had been rude towards me for whatsoever reasons though I suspect it's jealousy and inferior , I just want you to know - nevermind, I don't like you too...

And...for those who went to junior school with me from the age of 7 to 10 ... I just want you to know, that chubby girl who was wearing her pink framed glasses and loves jumping rope and drinking chocolate milk from the bottle, and has a good leadership skill(bossy) feels sorry for all the naughty things she did.
I am off to my shop now.. yeah I know its Sunday... and some productive people do work on Sundays .
Hasta la vista babes xo

Friday, 4 April 2008

I miss my baby

LOL I am trying to take one day as it comes .I had been very busy lately , I will update soon .
Just so you know, I am still here and I miss you all a lot. xoxoxoxox