Like that also can mah?

or in proper English ...I can't believe you are doing THAT !!

This is some of the things that annoys me.

1)I went to Wisma TH Selborn today, it is located in Jalan Tun Razak and I need to resolve few electricity matters at the energy office . My mum have to park right... and we need to go through this very narrow path that took us to this dark basement parking floor ,it was dark and watery and the basement 1 and basement 2 spaces are all reserved for the staffs at the building , so when we wanted to park somewhere , there's a tag saying that the space is only for the director of so and so department or officer of some office.I AM THE CUSTOMER who wants to pay my bill and get your service , maybe I am not that important to you , so thank you very much to the Management of the building for poor mantainance and servicing.There we were at B3 and it wasn't easy to there , it was dark and scary , as we head for the stairs and climbed through the ground floor and mind you the stairways were so dusty that i can literally feel that I was inhaling dust.We reached the G floor and... the door to G floor was locked! Thanks for nothing so we went back to B1 and searched for the elevator .At least put a clear sign that there is a bl**** lift!

2) Why do people have to park their car or maybe wait on the yellow lines.Its ok if you live in let's say Sitiawan,Tapah ,Changlun or any small town where everybody lives a brady bunch life.But this is KL lah! waiting for your wife to come out from Sungai Wang or KLCC in the car might be hazardous to others , especially when it is 5 o clock and some people wants to go home and what they did is blocked I entire lane, what should be 3 lanes are now 2! by parking their cars there,70% of why I am always stuck in a traffic jam or get caught in some congestion is because of this people , be considerate to others, get a parking space and wait for your wife there for a day if you want.

3)People whom are selfish, sometimes when I go out with my little brother ,He is a perfect gentlemen to my eyes , he hold doors to ladies and I had already beg him not to do it when we are in a shopping mall in KL because not only elder ladies would passed by it without saying thank you or smile, some boys and girls would rush to pass by the door as if my brother is a doormen! Excuse me he was only holding the door for that lady with a walking stick behinds us , Not YOU!

Thats all that I can think of at this moment, I might have couple might annoy you too.

They are not annoying>my friend Mr and Miss M are back from their break, welcome home!and so does Mr S who came back from Lyon last weekend and still recovering from cold.I hope that Mr S will get better soon.

Gotta go now and wash my hair.


waliz said…
Malaysia Boleh attitude...need i say more? better temperature will rise just to think of it! good post azazura...
Anonymous said…
owhh you dont want me to get started on my list!!!..........

stay cool! ;P
Anonymous said…
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