Kids say the darndest things, NOT.(Cotton candies in my heart)

As usual, my picture above has got nothing to do with this story below, it was taken on a memorable night out last week's Saturday, when I was seeing stars till the followed Monday

I was at the bank , Yes living in Kuala Lumpur I have the luxury to do my banking on Sundays ,While I sat there waiting for my turn to be served , here comes a couple with their son,really cute kid and he wanted to sit next to me
and suddenly this little cute person gripped my left palm, How adorable, and I had a chat with his mum , she is Japanese and I tried to converse (practising) my weak Japanese with her, The son's name was Lucas.
After I left the bank , I thought kids don't say the darndest things adult does,I had few times encountered some discrimination from girls of my age just because I was different name it , profession , ethnicity or because I am not "hip" enough.These people never once made me cry because all of my life I had never tried being other people and if I am not hip to their eyes ,I can't be bothered really and I won't change myself, and trust me these people who had said weird stuffs to me,I bet they have some problem that needs sorting out ... enough about bitter people this entry is not about them anyway.

Kids ,I love them , and in this era they are smarter, thanks to the technology called Internet.J and A ,my boyfriend's niece , they are gorgeous and yet very polite and sweet , perfect table manners and fun to talk to ,when I see J she reminded me of Little me, is so eager to learn about people and culture of the east , she could speak a little Japanese and picked up some other languages having friends of different ethnic background in her school in the big Cosmo ,London, she loves frites and wearing her jeans and her high cut converse just like me!I remember the other day she while holding my hand to cross the road , she said to me ..'you are very responsible' and that touched my heart, listening to such sincere voice. Her elder sister "A' loves fashion and I think she will go far in her life because sometimes when I talk to her , I feel like talking to a girl of my age , full of ideas and ambitions.Though we are far at the moment ,I am really praying for their happiness and success in their lives and I will always do.I miss those time when we had our potato wedges while watching Hannah Montana together.
How about my friend's daughter, Nic, she was barely 3 when I met her and she had never known any Asians before, but she came to me and held my hands and give me cuddles and all...she is so cute and funny at the same time.With her Dora backpack and orange juice and candies in it she is the epitome of everything that is sweet and innocent.

Jack is also one of my friend's kids , I hardly had the opportunity to see him
and of course he is changing every time I do, when we first met he puked on my shoulder and the next time I did see him , He told me that He likes to clean!yes He does and He cant see a vacuum cleaner or a broom He will try to use them !What a charming kid he is.And one more things about children they always appreciates what you gave them , with bright eyes they opened my gifts and they would wear the present right away or play with the toys I had given them.

When I was a kid , all that I thought about was chocolate , ice creams and playing...yes I love to play and some habits can never change.I used to play doctor and we had chocolate milk as our medicine...I grabbed that milk put a straw and finished it all... there goes my cousin's so called cough medicine for our silly little clinic.We also went swimming and cycling on my red BMX a lot ,I love to bully boys in school because they were "bad" and when I think about it I swear there is a big remorse and regret and I am thinking at this moment why I did it for?Silly,silly little me.
For very few girls who have some prejudice and had been rude towards me for whatsoever reasons though I suspect it's jealousy and inferior , I just want you to know - nevermind, I don't like you too...

And...for those who went to junior school with me from the age of 7 to 10 ... I just want you to know, that chubby girl who was wearing her pink framed glasses and loves jumping rope and drinking chocolate milk from the bottle, and has a good leadership skill(bossy) feels sorry for all the naughty things she did.
I am off to my shop now.. yeah I know its Sunday... and some productive people do work on Sundays .
Hasta la vista babes xo


CiliQueen said… yourself sweetie...and about u speaking little japs..its fine tho' ...i have Japanese blood flowing inside me yet i could not speak Japs lols...

stay positive ...stay happy always..xoxoxo
Julie said…
Yes, you can really learn a lot from kids sometimes, can't you?
Anonymous said…
i love kids.........minus the poo poo and tantrums....hahahahah!