Once ,I was a dancing queen too

I had a great weekend and that sort of chilled and sweetened everything that was hot, sour and bitter.I got invited to a product party and the product was crab meat and yes me and the rest of Absolute Gourmet's team had a very good night with free flow of the white and orange juices that could also be mango cordial or I dunno but I know it wasn't an orange juice.We had a great night I also met few people that I used to work and some I used to go out party with, we had great talk and ideas about food and lots of laughs and jokes too. After that ,the young ones, my brother R and our friends M and M continued the night in Changkat Bukit Bintang a popular night spot not far from where I live and yours truly, snored in bed having dreams about chocolate ,pastas and crab cakes, I can't afford physically to continue the night at another place .I don't know at what time my brother actually came back that night since He had been out very often lately, so much energy ,I wonder if he has a hidden batteries in his body or too much espresso ... reminds me of the old me.

I used to enjoy parties and loud bling boom bang music a lot ... few years ago ,I think I painted the town red almost every night , going out and spending my time with my friends talking about nothing, and by midnight I talked like a politician already.I think age is catching up with me and I am not as fun as I used to be.I missed my friends that I used to hang out with, our faces were always at launching parties from watches to cars maybe I had too much fun at the time that lupus arrived in my life and said Enough! your body is tired from working and partying!.Don't get me wrong, I still love good companies and great food but not great companies and loud music every night ... maybe once a month besides.. I get tired too easily nowadays :)

I am not old just grown up a little bit
While giggling at this moment thinking about the old me, I am thinking about my younger brother and his friends .I was there too, and go on lil' bro, have fun(responsibly)... this is the time of your life!


Anonymous said…
owhh owhhh im feeling it too, age is catching up man!!!!!!!

hope you are doing well and fine girl!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Hey, we're not that old! Come on ladies. But that's true, i'm way past the clubbing scene too. Just don't feel like it anymore.

I love the crabby goodies!!! Yum yum!!

btw: Sorry not much time to visit lately. I'm always trying to catch up. Me need vacation! :-)
waliz said…
azazura....i'm feeling the same! and the worst thing is i already sound like my mom! thts wht my bro tell me of lately...heheheh!
JO said…
HUH? where are u? never update one?
AzAzura said…
azra: finally i got to reply to comments,I know... and I am only what?.. 20?call me next time you wanna go to zeta ok hunny bunny xo

zen:this is true , we are not that old just...a bit preserved/pickled

waliz: u r coming with me the next time i go clubbing yuwoo... clubbing with counsellor!cool xo

Jo .. ayo darling, you see me so often and yet wanna know my update, so sweet xoxo
Anonymous said…
yeah la, you never reply anymore, sob sob!.....hehehehe,brunch is fine with me too! you take good care now ok! xoxo!