Sunday, 27 April 2008

Where is the LOVE?

Honestly ,my life can be so intense this few weeks you will read more stories of my ups and downs and many many incidents that you will think that it is actually extracted from a soap drama's script.
Today ,I am down with slight cold, but then again i have got to go out and get some seafood supplies BUT before that... I went to pavilion , for those who had never been here before... Pavilion is a new shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur and I love going there and i talked a lot about the place in this blog of mine.I was there to grab quick lunch at its famous food court.(I had yong tau foo ... again)
After lunch ,I crossed the road to go to another shopping mall to get cartridges for my printer and at the traffic light I was so surprised to have found a boy begging just by the traffic light , he sat on the sand and held this used paper cup from 7 eleven, everybody stared at him but he tried to avoid our eyes and looked down , he looked frightened .
In Malaysia, orphans and poor children are looked after by the government that sometimes we even have beggars from other countries.I was afraid to grab his hands and take him away as I am sure the syndicate that forced him to beg should be keeping an eye on him at all time while he was there and it crossed my mind that these people might come chase or hurt not only me , but him too.I want to help that little kid .I swear I was looking for the police and even head to the police booth and when I went back there the kid was gone.There is a very tiny line that separates a busybody and someone who really cares , at times I feel like I fall for the first category , because nowadays it is so wrong to put your nose into somebody Else's business , but when life of a child is involved I think I have to speak up.

Where are you know?
Adik Sharlinie, Adik Asmawi ,Madeline Mc Cann and many years ago Ting Shiong Seng these are the children that missing and it was well publicised , where are they now ?and who took them ?Obviously the first 24 hours of them gone missing are the crucial ones.Some authorities even started blaming their parents , which I don't think is right, for some Malaysians of course we remember Adik Nurin and how some newspapers blamed it on her parents when she went missing and speculated that her father borrowed money from the loan shark and other gossips that could sell their newspaper.I thought ... How can some human being be so cruel towards the other ? putting more pain into those wounded heart.I think I have learnt to understand the feeling of losing a child,the pain must be unbearable.

This used to be my playground...
When I was a little girl i was free to play within our huge house compound,i remember cycling under the huge fresh scented frangipani tree, but it is so different now, you can't go anywhere , few months ago, a child was murdered by a teenager because of allegedly "turkey incident"where this little kid mimicked a turkey and the owner of the turkey ,a teenager killed him for that or so he said.It is bad , bad world out there nowadays , when a kid can't go to the playground to play with friends anymore ... then we know there is a problem with the society, there are "sick" people around us.Where my cafe is, some children who were waiting for their parents outside the building after their Saturday class has been invited to come into my cafe , instead of standing outside ,might as well sit down in there and wait for their parents to come pick them up while watching tele

Lets keep an eye on our children , when they are unsupervised in coffee shop, shopping mall, playground or just anywhere.Look at their face and when they are alone ask them where their parents are.

I am praying for this missing children,I hope that wherever they are , they are safe.No matter how far they would be now, they will find the lights to guide them back to their homes.

Please bring them home.




waliz said...

i hope they are safe wherever they are and get united back wth their family one day...

Julie said...

I hope they get home to their family safe and sound very soon! My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Zen Chef said...

wow, this is pretty heavy stuff.
I hope the best for them too. That's all we can do sometimes. Hope.

A Z R A said...

i dont know what to say about this, even if Kaka doesnt come back, i have literally a heart attack, this is a child for God's sake, what we can do now is just to pray......

Liudmila said...

In Italy there is this problem too. Little children disappear in the air and nobody has traces of them for decades. I was surprized when I knew the numbers of these cases. And I sincerely don't understand what is the matter to steel a child of an other person.