Saturday, 20 August 2011

Victim of vicious lie

I received a phone call when I was in Manila( for world food expo)  of a reporter wanting to interview me regarding my  experience battling with Lupus.

Because the  press claim to be from KOSMO! a newspaper I respect for the fact that they had been supporting me throughout my career.Name is  the editor or the entertainment editor,   are credible writers to me.

It is not the newspaper that is bad , it is only one writer  that  has been writing things that are not true about me.As much as i want to forget the article , it is degrading me as a professional chef and the title of the article did not even touch on SLE which is my fight, my cause to  create awareness and to tell  girls out there that there is life  beyond lupus.But what was written  are things like I was ditched by my boyfriend  which aren't true and  my desire to have a TV show, which are vicious lie  that is not what I had said and my mum does not know anything about cooking which is another terrible lie.

I started working   with Four Seasons at the pastry kitchen and later I  joined Mandarin oriental  before  pursuing  my studies after I have Lupus- that was not written.My achievement as the first of many firsts was not written but instead she had chosen to write about things that I don't even say

I am really , really upset by this intention to  ruin my reputation that I had built for years and it has caused me an emotional distress.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Apa ertinya cinta?

Writing is definitely a channel to express ones emotion.Despite being laughed at sometimes for wanting to be 2 in 1, chef and a writer incluing sarcasms like"You mean chefs can spell?" or"you can't win all the time" I don't care.As i had preached many times whatever people think about me or you is none of our business.We are like everyone else  in this world born  , trying to survive and die.Some survive well just by eating  barley and some  ace at surviving by eating lobster and caviar.
Whether you are enjoying your crustacean at this moment or not, I still think winning is a subjective word and no material  entity could  justify  our success for instance my mother,she  seldom have much money after my father died  there were at one point of my life that we were eating a loaf of bread for a day compared to  the luxury of having my dad around taking us to posh restaurants all the time, but she definitely ace at raising 2 children on her own who loves her to death.That's a beautiful wealth, I definitely was raised to acknowledge the importance of having a deeper wealth and that is in the centre of my heart.

For a year  and I think if you read this often like my frequent gang (you know who you are) you realized how obsessed I am with creating food that  could give you the same feeling like you're in love, though I think I had  done that with my teardrops of dark chocolate and passion centre, I think it is about time that i turn one volume up and try to create that happiness  in few floral food that I had created.I can't reveal what i had done  since the ingredients are of sponsors to be used for their promo kit.This is addition to a very healthy debate I had with a friend about romance , fear, anger  and mood enhancing food.

Subhanallah, in this  beautiful month of ramadhan for muslims  finally a chef like me has learnt a beautiful knowledge, a lesson to not fight  it, the skill of letting go and letting it happen and when it finally happens to not push  it away.
I admit it, I can't make you feel like you had fallen in love despite all sorts of love potion- aromatheraphy's floral ingredients being put into my dish, and I have stopped wanting to create anything to make any one fall in love with me or feel like they are in love.I just want people to be happy when they see my food, when they taste my food , when they understand my happiness of them enjoying my food.

Love , death, qada and qadar the devine destiny that was written before we  arrive here, we can't force it , we can't push it not you not me and not me to try and recreate your sweetest memory or play with brain emotion, doesn't matter if I had been reading hundreds of books or make recipes for  series of Aphrodisiac cooking articles.

At this paragraph I think you know this is not only about food, this  is about a chef's inferior to go out there and let her hair down and letting things happen.Everything has to be under control for this small, small person.

The best  you can do if you will ever eat my dessert is to close you eyes taste with your 10,000 tastebuds in your mouth , take the second dollop let it stay on on the tip of your tongue...close you eyes and think of the happiest moment in your life.
Here's too rosa, violet and lavender 3 elements  of aroma to encourage your heart to receive love.
My chakra is shining ...

You know I love you. xxx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Manila on my mind

Some star power at the food show he is  the basketball player.
Alex's team won many medals but the superstar is definitely his son the cutie pie with an equally cute mum.
I watched some wimpy kid after watching going the distance- now I am officially in love with Justin Long
or the character he was in the movie
I love my junior suite it is spacious 
I love this cloud formation

daddy and daughter
showing off that I was having a little chat with Markki the pop star in The Philippines.

How can I ever forget The Philippines?Being a big fan of malls I went to see my friend the first time when I was 20 in Manila and I am in love with this city despite what others might say.
I love our "Orvedians" there and I love how Orved is expanding our  wings so wide in The Philippines and I hope to visit Manila again , maybe next time with  some parties too....It's always work and work and shopping(at the airport)

I'm off to bed, I did too much for today with the new washing machine and all.

Goodnight people